turkey in the gallery of the world's oldest copper mines mines may be specified

3 years, conducting excavations in the village of Derekutuğun Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, Prof., Department of Geology. Dr. Unsal Yalcin, Bayat'ta in 2007, Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) General Directorate of survey and have come across some evidence in the village Derekutuğun while, they realized that a detailed examination in the region said that an underground mine.
Archaeological excavations in the region to make getting approval from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism through the Çorum Museum, 3 years ago that excavations started Yalcin, announced that they have completed the work of excavation began in September of this year.

Graduate students who are studying in various cities in Turkey, as well as students from Germany and Austria that took place in the excavation team, Yalcin, for the first time the excavations started in 2009 reached 6 thousand years ago, said of the copper mine galleries.

Yalcin, this year 4 the results obtained from excavations in the mine gallery in the mine is determined that the 500-year-old said.

Professor explains that around 20 galleries in the mine. Dr. Yalcin, said:
6 thousand 500 years ago, people'', the Chalcolithic period, opened galleries. Underground copper mine earned işletmeciliğiyle. To clarify the underground galleries çıralarından benefited from the pine. We found the burnt ends at the base of pine çıralarını work. Çıraların analytics have made carbon-14. Dates from the present 5 thousand years to go before. Dark, maze-style galleries, arranged to illuminate the çıraları burned areas, and they work.''

Before the people of the region, then the coppers found on the surface of copper vessels, exploring the natural subterranean galleries were opened about Yalcin, completing clearance of the excavation work over time, fills the galleries and galleries of the states turn into the first open them, he added.

Derekutuğun copper mine in the village of old mines may be the world's most remarkable gallery Yalcin,''we know the old historic mines and quarries in BC, 4th millennium Tokat Erbaa'daki ocağıydı mine in Bulgaria, but we are extending this year's drop-down galleries BC Up to 5 thousand years of history have received. BC 5 years in thousands of people were unaware of the gallery opening,''he said işleteceklerini mine.

Yalcin just about working as miners in the mine, carry out a meticulous work, wearing overalls, wearing a helmet when they descended told mines. Prof. Dr. Yalcin, studies and a 3-year studies in 2012, given to search and prepare a publication containing

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