Tired of the statue of Heracles, the house will welcome visitors

Ibrahim Acar, Culture and Tourism Director, said,''tired''of Hercules, called Heracles brought to the United States with the top of the statue in the Antalya Museum has completed conservation and the bottom side of the merge, he said. 
Destroyed the statue will be exhibited in the trials that ended gelindiğini Acar,''the sculpture will be exhibited in the Antalya Museum on the seafront will be opened by the Minister Ertugrul Gunay,''he said.
Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay, a huge statue, as a result of the efforts of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston that was acquired and who was brought to Turkey Acar,''the work took a plane to bring the statue of the Prime Minister has honored us. Leaving with our country's history. This is an expression of power,''he said.

Abdel returning to their native soil, emphasizing an important work, also noted that other artifacts on display in Antalya, kidnapped abroad.

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