nomads, preparing for holiday celebrations for centuries of tradition

A tradition that Central Asian Turks have participated in for centuries still lives on through nomadic cultures. Turkey’s nomadic tradition, a way of life for sheep and cattle herders, has been preserved for 5,000 years.
The Black Sea, Eastern Anatolian and Mediterranean regions of Turkey are still home to people who practice nomadic traditions.

The nomads are anxiously awaiting the Kurban bayram holiday to sell their cattle in the cities. As a result of this, they are migrating to the cities from their mountain homes to earn money. Then they will return to the mountains to breed new cattle for next year’s bayram holidays.

The tradition of nomadic life in Central Anatolia began because of the needs of the grazing animals. During the summer months, nomadic Turks migrate to warmer places where they can find large pastures for their cattle.

The stockbreeders who practice nomadic lives travel to Anatolia’s plateaus to find suitable places for their cattle. The migration is a ceremony for nomads. Currently, with the bayram approaching, they are readying to visit the cities.

Bayram migration

The ceremonial and traditional journey of the stockbreeders begins with Kurban bayram, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice. This month, nomads will begin the journey with their sheep, cows and goats. They need to protect their animals from wildlife because of anticipated attacks from bears, wolves and foxes. Dogs help to protect the cattle from wild predators.

Stockbreeders will first visit their villages and then will compete to sell the cattle for the bayram.

The end of the migration does not only have one aim. Nomads also sell fresh butter, milk and cheese to the city-dwellers.

With their earned money, the nomadic Turks will buy feed, barley, bran and corn for their animals. This money will also help them to pass the winter months in their villages. After the cold winter months they will once again migrate to the warm large pastures to feed their animals with fresh air and fresh feed.

This is a result of a life that depends on animals. This fall once again the nomads of Turkey will be on the roads, not only to sell cattle and dairy products, earning them their livelihood, but also to discover Turkey and some of its barely traversed lands.

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