Mr. famous hard rock band. Big, will give a concert in Istanbul within the last album promotional tour.

They are widely used for the promotion of the last album, touring the world-famous hard rock band who will come to Turkey within the scope of Mr.. Big, will give a concert in Istanbul.
The organization of the concert, the press spokesman Joe Gurol Pro performs Mood, "which will take place on October 15 in Istanbul Küçükçiftlik Mr. Park. Big concert, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Eric Martin and the legend of Pat Torpey'ten staff are excited for the Turkish müzikseverlerine izleteceğimiz" he said.

Gurol, known to music lovers, Hail! and the world-famous groups such as Anathema, as well as Turkey Saints 'N' Sinners and also Mr. Joseph Uğurer'in. Big will head to the scene reported the same.

Mr. Big in the U.S. Founded in 1988, the group's first album of the same name published in 1989, dispersed until 2002, had recorded 6 studio albums. "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind" and "To Be With You," hit songs such as the group engaged in a worldwide success, his fans have come together again in 2009 as a result of persistent requests, in 2011 released their last album, "What If ..." broke the silence with a long-term

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