Clazomenae southern Gulf of Izmir city located on the coastline on the Ionian.

According to Pausanias Clazomenae and a former Greek colony establishment Phokaia Aegean Sea coast is dated later than the other Ionian colonies.
The ancient city of Clazomenae
The earliest archaeological traces of immigrants is Klazomenai'de Ion BC 10. middle of the century, with another saying in late Protogeometric period. Likely to be in the sanctuary in Acropolis BC 8. reported that in the century since the end of the active. This Pausanias'ın, Klazomenai'nin later than the other Ionian cities, giving about a settlement that appears to be consistent with the information. Pausanias also Phokaia Clazomenae and knowledge of the ions is not settled before coming to Asia, however, understood that the discovery of this information is wrong Limantepe and Panaztepe höyüklerinin.

Attacks that destroyed its early stages of Clazomenae Kimmer took his share of the Kingdom of Phrygia, Lydia, and then the giants have been exposed to the siege. Nestos river in Thrace (in Turkish Karasu), the fertile alluvial plain, the first BC organization Performed by the colony of Abdera about 650 Clazomenae, it recently established the Black Sea coast of Thrace, Kardia with Miletos colony again, the first known examples of colonization movement from Clazomenae. Miletus was founded under the leadership of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea coast and the establishment of many of the numbers of colonies reaching 70, as well as other cities Klazomenai'nin İyonia understood that the participation. Quoted by Herodotus, BC 7. century, the Ionian cities of arms, money began relations with Egypt since the time of Pharaoh Psammetikhos participated in Clazomenae. BC with the invasion of Persia in the Archaic settlement Around 546 were disrupted, and the urban area was abandoned for 20-25 years.
De Clazomenae restored ancient olive oil workshop
BC 6. In the last quarter century, based on the live export industry and trade activities Klazomenai'de are emerging, especially olive oil. BC The first revolt against the Persians, the Ionian cities of 499-494 failed to result in the moderate policies of the Persians after the end of the affected Clazomenae. City residents have left the territory of the mainland, as quoted by Pausanias'ın "passed to the island because of the fear of the Persians." Urban BC Athens, the Attica-Delos Sea Union established by the item 487 from the tax paid on a regular basis. During the Peloponnesian War, Athens was very sympathetic to Clazomenae ago, but the BC Athens Sicily, through the ranks of Sparta after Sparta defeated by 413 against, the mainland of the Polikhne'yi (Balıklıova) have made attempt to arbitration. Re-established dominance of Athens as soon as possible, to settle the uprising's leaders fled to Daphnus. BC Lysandros'un 405 Spartan commander during the short-lived attempt to establish dominance in Anatolia, the mainland to the island close to repeating attempts Khytron Klazomenai'den rebellion by a segment of a city founded in the region is understood. Clazomenae on the island with the mainland state of war between Khytron continued for a long time, during this period Clazomenae north of the Gulf of Izmir, the Gediz River delta, near the old lands by undertaking a small movement of colonization, Üçtepeler today, the area referred to as the old records Kilazmanı Leuka established colony. Alexander the Great, the Persians in Anatolia where sovereignty over the island to end after the Klazomenai'nin (Quarantine Island) attributed to land with a road. BC in the Roman Empire Freed by the Romans after the peace Apameia Clazomenae of 188 cities and is one of the Drymoussa (Uzunada) of the island territory of the city are permitted to participate. Anno Domini 5. century, the island is understood that the city was abandoned.

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