Turkish Airlines was named Europe's best airline company

In a survey of those who travel frequently, Turkish Airlines was named Europe's best airline company. The world's best airline company, was selected for a surprise name in the ...
Reise & Preise'nın Germany's leading travel magazine for 20 years, organized by the "company of the year, the best airlines," the survey this year, yet very much unheard of in the world in the name of Oman Airlines, airline company, was named the best in the world.

Survey respondents state cabinet, toilet cleaning, catering, beverage service, seat comfort, multi-faceted service, ground services, product price relationship, departure and arrival punctuality, such as opportunities for children made ​​10 different item scoring.

As a result of the survey with people who frequently travel by air over the 5.31 6 Oman Airlines was rated the best in the world by gathering. Second South Korean company, Asiana Airlines flight when it was followed by Singapore Airlines. Airways New Zealand has the fourth row.

Airlines selected the best airline in Europe şirekti, 6 scored 4.23 out of. Swiss Airlines Austrian Airlines, while the second took third place in Europe. Austrian Airlines 'business class' (first class) flight, the airline was offering the best service.
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