Door neighbor that makes you want to learn the story of America Harputluların

The only wine factory in the city these days, working day and night, is full of villages, boilers, molasses, fruit pulp, and Orci are. During the past week in the city "and Orci Grape Festival" is celebrated.
Wines made with camomile, purple mountains and the secret door neighbor that has made America 150 years ago, if you want to learn the story of Harputluların Elazığ separating the end of a week's time.

"Every wine has a story. Shake the cup gently, wine and Excite, and then listen to the story told to you ... "

The thermometer showed 29 degrees on a sunny September day, a group of journalists of the past Monopoly, today's Wine Fabrikası'ndayız Elazig Mey. To escape the midday heat outside, asleep wines deposited in a cool concept, tadıyoruz products in the last seven years. Our guide Cuneyt Uighur Kayra Wine Academy. Red, white, sweet, sour wine from nose, eyes, making damağımızla journey. I had been swirling Buzbağ kadehte 2004; lingers in the blackberry, morello, oak and vanilla aromas. Uygur'un as he says, I think kadehteki story. There are so many stories circling the ...


Let's start Öküzgözüyle. The coarse-grained grape Turkey, Elazig local plant. Grown within the city limits 68, 12 kinds of commercial value and the most famous of grapes. North of Elazig, Tunceli, and overlooking the Atatürk Dam Lake, grown in the hills above 1000 meters altitude. Bölükçalı, Sağdıçlar, Ulupınar, Garden, Korukköy, Çatalhamam,
Sedeftepe'nin ties, as well as the height of the settlements in the city center, next door, Sünköy camomile. There is a long-suffering vine. Heat, drought-resistant. Grown without irrigation, so that şekerleniyor, even hard to eat a bunch. Shell very thick, but plenty of cider. Average 350-500 grams, kilograms, sometimes finds clusters of 3 to the table is removed, the hazy dark red, violet color, as beautiful as a table. Water bored, admitted to sleeping in barrels, purple-ruby color with blue tones, with red fruit aromas, the mouth, persistent, yıllandırmaya into a suitable wine.
Öküzgözü grapes are grown in many places in the Aegean Thrace. "But nowhere does Elazığ special taste," says former faculty member of Ankara University Professor of viticulture veterans. Dr. Ağaoğlu hard. "The best result, thousands of years of high altitude vineyards of Elazig, the most beloved land, winter cold, sunny and dry climate type, familiar to him is in the hands of the stewards."
Another feature of Elazig, Turkey's ties with the majority of which is contaminated with flokseranın. Therefore, other regions flokseraya establishing ties by making a vaccine-resistant American bars camomile, camomile leaves from the root of Elazig vines.
Harput books tell the tale of his mind, at the beginning of the last century, the Armenian and Syriac Christians in this land before uzaklaştırılmadan Elazığ had a deep-rooted culture of viticulture. Wines made of fame beyond the borders. They go from this land, undermined the culture of wine increased conservatism.
In November 1937, Mustafa Kemal came to the city for the opening of the Iran-Iraq railroad maşrapayla served as a peasant wine, changed the destiny of öküzgözünün. Ataturk who liked wine, grape received information about the region to investigate the potential of wine and ordered the establishment of the factory.
In 1942, trial workshop, the factory was founded in 1945. Earned reputation for wines of Elazig magic mix in the region to analyze the proposal, the French experts. Öküzgözünün sweet, bitter-bodied cider Diyarbakir boğazkeresiyle balanced. Buzbağ wines produced by the monopoly of this formula has won awards in international competitions, wine-growing region, came to life again.
According to data from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture 7977 Elazığlı farmers today, a total of 106 thousand hectares of grapes. Only 15 percent bonds, with a high finishing, and drip irrigation system. A total of 83 thousand tons of grape production last year, was twice that of Tekirdağ. 60 percent of the species of this wine. Weight öküzgözünde. Köhnü Then, the network is red, Boğazkere, the network comes from whites and şilfoni.
Şükrü Bey LEGEND

Baran's name Shukri, a legend among Elazığlı vineyards. Baran Çatalharman Aydıncık with the ties between villages, between the barren mountains, reminiscent of a lush oasis. Closer to the land sloping towards the north düzleşiyor Atatürk Dam Lake. Tunceli overlook the lake. Munzurlar leaden-colored horizon of the summit in the Northwest, north-eastern horizon behind the gray rocks have Pertek. Across the slopes of the mountains as if covered with brown velvet. Mown crops, this gives the impression of dried herbs.
Baran, for many years in Istanbul trading after the children leave the job at age 57, born Çatalharman'a returned. Vineyard and winemaking began in 2002. Take 1500 acres of land, 100 acres Cevizlik, almond, 350 acre vineyard established. Camomile pure dream to establish the link. Provincial Directorate of Agriculture certified the 27 thousand seedlings cultivated carefully. A few years later realized that cheated. Approximately half of seedlings in a sub-variety köhnüydü öküzgözünün. He continued to work diligently. Seedlings cultivated in a section of land in their own camomile. Rows of vineyard in the region between 75 centimeters to 2 meters, making it two feet to get beyond a certain range of the solar drip irrigation during dry periods supported planted.
In 2006, an American expert Daniel Baran Kayra O'Donnell'le met was an important turning point for the region. After this date, Slate, Baran ambitious boutique wines from the grapes from the vineyards began to produce. The company was so delighted with that result, last year released its 2007 vintage labels Öküzgözü Sukru Baran wrote his name, thanked in this way. This joy has died of lung cancer a month after the Ball. Erkan's sons took over the revolution and the bond.
Slate, Baran's vineyards each year is 180 tons, camomile. 190 thousand bottles of wine into them. The end of August, early September for the vintage rounds şarapseverlere walks us through the bonds of Baran. Each year 200-300 people in total şarapçılığını these tours exploring the region. The only factory in Elazig Kayra wine, wine producing 4.7 million tons per year. Maintaining production in the field of wine-making industry is working with the boutique. Given the company's Production Manager Murat Üner'in say now that the name of Elazığ target boğazkereye tanenlerini alleviate harsh. For this purpose, four years, crushed the grapes, peel maceration time and temperature of water is stored in tamper-take-color experiments are made.


120 acres in the village of Vineyard Bölükçalı Boğazkere, camomile, köhnü training Husamettin Kaya, those with a seat in three watermelon. Associate professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Firat University. On the one hand that brings together the 411 lacing is the President of Grape Producers Association. Union, in 2008 received the registration certificate öküzgözüne geographic. Kumar, grape processing and a $ 70 million project will convert 10 different products to create and find the external loan, attendance at their stage of bureaucracy, stuck in Ankara says. "This project also yönelecektik boutique tourism, is now trying to get World Bank support," he says.
Union last year, 50 women between the ages of 19-29 from the village of Khan EU loan, boutique vineyard, winemaking taught. Now trying to set up SME credit facilities to these women.
Kaya, saying his mind, despite the efforts of conservatives to block on behalf of the gratifying developments in viticulture is in Elazığ. Although not done any R & D work at universities interested in increasing the number of stewards. Doctors, engineers began to plant heirloom vineyard land. Has established its own ties with leading companies in Turkey Kavaklıdere. Kumar, "Every year, the companies would fight to the purchase price of grapes. This year, they announced that we asked at all. Weight 85 cents last year, the wine grape cents this year is 120-130, and also give a good premium bonds. Bağcıya 25 cents a kilo of grapes malolduğu Given the farmer's face will smile this year, even this is gratifying, "he says.


Municipality AK Party and do not like the word wine, vintage year during the past week "and Orci Grape Festival" celebrates YLE. Played folk dances, concerts were given, was named the most beautiful grapes. Molasses and prepared with the walnut, sausage-shaped "Orci" was in the propaganda.
Kayra tours organized by the festival and grape harvest is over, but in villages and molasses, fruit pulp, Orci construction will last until mid-October ... Evaluate the opportunity.


St. Hatay. Pierre Church and the world's second oldest church in the foothills of the Harput Castle, in a cave. When bending down low like the entry door to coal store encounter the church is 1832 years. About 10 meters wide, 50 meters long, one end of the structure in the rocks, looking at the other end of the abyss of the foot of the fortress of Harput. Bnai Bauth Syriac, Syriac metropolithanesi known under the name of the Virgin Mary Church in the past, school, guesthouse consisting of a large part of the settlement. In 1936, the last Syrians leave Harput, Elazig inince surrounding residences, three churches, metropolithane destroyed. In 1975, the treasure hunters were ripped to shreds by the rest of the ceiling of the Church of the Virgin Mary. Until 1999, many buildings were damaged. The miracles of the building that there, is believed to be good for nervous diseases. Hymn has its own 80. Theodoros Harputlu Dioskoros who kaligrafileriyle 1200s fame, grew up in this church.
Family of three generations of the church is doing Tanoğlu koruyucululuğunu. Now Isaac Tanoğlu'nda seizure dentist. Walls of Syria, Lebanon, brought grace ikonalarla Tanoğlu "This church is the world's cultural heritage should be recognized, protected by the state, the spiritual structure remains intact," he says. Elazığ a 20 Syrian Orthodox family, the city is the center of worship in the church. At the same time Tanoğlu cleric, once a year, on August 15 opening of the Virgin Mary Church. Mery ritual commemorates Mary's rise into the sky. Gather the grapes grown in the region, is prayer of blessing.

Decent drum AĞITA MI

Harput and purple mountains for many years because of Elazig songs like I used to talk about. Harput the previous week, the 12th century, the minaret of the Great Mosque eğrilikteki envy of the Tower of Pisa's garden and watched the sunset. Harput Castle behind, Keban Dam Lake water shone like silver. And a folk song which is the subject of the lake just behind the purple mountains rising. This fascinating, watching the scene grow from, went to America to earn money at the end of the 19th century, wrote an impressive songs of longing. Harput deportation of the Armenians who saved his life after the songs reached the United States. And we called them, Harold Agopyan old sound engineer from California, we have become aware through the stone plates to transfer to CD. Then Harputlu Erkan Ogur, "Purple Mountains" I wrote, "Cook", "Snow Coming" as performed by giving the right yearning melodies, folk songs Harput drew the attention of music lovers. But, unfortunately, Elazığ, yearning, these folk songs that lament is a part of the drum with today, as the game is said to air.


Supper is the name of the famous local cuisine in the city Kayabasi. Harput mönüsünde rib restaurant stuffed, Harput's local delicacies such as meatballs. In the center, the municipal hall building next to the 59 year Kilis lamb kebab, döner famous. Alexander Hotel's marathon across the Origin, a traditional tradesmen. We are in this trip, a retired teacher, volunteer mentor and Istanbul Burhan Özdemir Murat Bozok chef tasted flavors of choice. Ozdemir, the chicken meat from the local cuisine prepared by crushing mönüsünde original rabbit, eggplant stuffed flavors such as grape juice had. Bozok my attention a few months using local products, drew special menu prepared by study. Camomile leaves and goose ciğeriyle his soup, wild rice leaf risotto'su camomile, camomile oil, wine and goose cooked lamb offered marmeladıyla onion bulgur gourmet tourism, showing the potential of the region. After dinner, I asked the reaction of Bozok'a menu is Elazığ. Akgun Hotel, had prepared a meal. "This is the menu öğretebileceğimi them, even though I said would not claim any copyright was not interested," he said ...

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