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That do not sound out of breath for a long time friend, Zeki Alkoclar, in September last days of the telephone and asked a state labor of love. Then the beans pulled his mouth: "The weather is beautiful.
Skip to immediately come, let's trip to Gokova a blue ... "I immediately object to this invitation:" The whole of the mind, where was summer. Trip in October, while the blue would have been ... Storm, waves, rain ... "I was wrong, he said. Full-time to of Gokova said. Then he added: "The biggest success for a blue cruise, blue voyage editing the one he and his friends travel adventure of a blue yaşatabilmesidir ..." As I understand it the sea, Zeki'yi much has changed, the philosopher kuvvetlendirmişti side.
Toparlandım without delay. I went to Bodrum. On the way, I read a book, the last sentence Zeki'nin Azra Erhat'dan "opting" I realized. Also the same book (Blue Voyage), which is one of the pioneers of this journey is saying the same things Azra Erhat'ın Zeki'yle also read: "Boat trip made in June of the season extends until the end of October. The summer months in the open air, lying on the deck of the most convenient aylarsa, the fall months are the most calm seas and the fish are most abundant are times ... "
At this point I have to a full confession of my post: So far, no journey did not hit the blue! .. I went to a large section of the bays on the route or daily boat excursions reached by car or by land. But overnight in the boat, looking at the stars in order to escape ever imagined kurmadım or intoxication of the night into this morning erkeninde atlamadım sea. Why do not we do not answer them until now. Perhaps the fear of narrow yatamama cabins. I do not know! ..


Fortunately, Azra Erhat'ın Returning to the book, according to him Gökova first-come, baffled by the blue of the sea, he staying too. I look at them from the sea in front of the eyes of dark blue, indigo blue, purple, violet, green, emerald green, she finds the names of the sıralarmış color. Yetmeyince in Turkish, indigo, Saxe, refers to terms such as Prussian blue, a shade of blue painted non-stop across the sea they yetmeyince other languages ​​of the world to understand and be quiet Gökova tanımlamaktaki poverty, bakakalırmış appreciatively.
When I arrived in Bodrum, but the weather was warm, flickering across the sky and dark clouds. Down in one breath, marina, boat, threw objects. The captain was doing the last preparations for Ferhat Ordulu Zeki'ye Seamanship teaches. Go to a running store, we filled bags of food packages. Those who opened the sea for a month we get sanırdı us. Both the eye and attract niyetlenmiştik midemize banquet. Ferhat apprentice iron out with the captain, trying to get out from the harbor, I settled in the back seat, I had also left the serenity of the blue trip bile.
Sea, those who knew him the phrase "the throne" was like. When it comes to vulnerabilities Karaada, I noticed dark clouds accumulated over Kos. Even a small tornado, the clouds, the sea was like a snake winding. Rain would have understood. One fisherman, "Kos to Bodrum on the rain clouds in the Bilk," he said. "Kismet" I thought.
On the left is over houses, Bodrum, green face appeared. At right, the ancient name was going to reach out Karaada which Arkonessos. I wonder why they said the land here? Yet the hills were green. Then appear indented coasts, slopes covered with olive trees were Orak Island. Isthmus, past the small island in the middle, the wind blowing from the east hardened, the waves the boat hoplattı hop hop. The first drops of dark clouds began to pour from Kos'tan break off.


Buckling in the dark was that we laid the first iron. Basil is another name of this place was dark. Perhaps the fact that this name had been covered slopes of the basil. He is intelligent, for lunch while a pot of water, reminded me that this is türküdeki Çökertme. District on the western coast of the region fall below the village of Yalikavak Geris Çökertme'ydi old name, people to Khalil also oralıydı smuggler hero. Noon to overcame the pasta and salad. The real feast akşamaydı. After dinner, take iron, turned Gökova bow. Would go to coast to coast. Dorsum of the sea, stirred with clever stern-getter. Propellers are immersed in water, I went to çalkaladığı. My mind, In transit idea implanted in the tip. A husband or a large blue fish blue fish, bonito, perhaps a fairly large, perhaps a dentex ... I was think about something other than fish to the needle to jump. All the problems, troubles, troubles over lost In transit, she had gone to flow into the sea. He fell at my mind for some reason, Orhan Veli: "The day will go to get my head, / the sea out of new networks, the smell. / On this island you my name, / minute hand one after the birds."

Yeniköy not want to see the Monument

Thermal Power Plant smoky chimney Yenikoy husband appeared port side have picked a fishing rod. Abidesini clever not to see the boat gave way to ugliness of Gokova. We went to a fast pass. After a bit of the ruins seemed to coast. Yazlıkçılarıyla vedalaşmış It too, was left on its own. Our intention to return to the Cape of Good Oren, Akbuk gecelemekti heaven. Mountains, leaning against the ground-breaking Akbük'e came a few times, and the silence of sheep kimsesizliğine I was amazed. For the first time I was coming from the sea. But the accounts did not hold. Southern was bustling dark calm winds. Ferhat Captain, "shakes up the morning, does not sleep," he said. I myself once more in "Kismet," I said. However, looking at the stars at night has imagined to sleep, excited.
Quickly upload, Cedar Island, we passed. Middle Island, was the wind shield, turquoise waters had sütliman. Search It seemed the sun. Without delay putting on mayomu, sky-blue waters of Gokova embraced at the end of September. Sought safety after the September sun, the heat of scrawny. Zeki, download engine, he said let's go to the island. At that moment, my dear, what remains of the past, nor the slender golden sands of the beach of Cleopatra wanted to see. I chose lying lazily.
Day evening, returning to the British port we entered.


The next day while drinking tea, coffee, took a look at these bays oltalarımıza Captain Mimarları master fisherman. Then, "You throw it away," he said. Üşenmedi us a new, master Fishing rods tied, "Come on, now, random," he said. Mooring solve a challenge, we left the dock. Fish in the bays and waiting for us. Each off-air, calm waters oynaştığı Löngöz, which is a winter port Okluk Dark, Dark Robbery southern winds that welcomes, even storming the diversity which is Kiran Deep Dish, Kösemen Islands, Seven Islands, the coast of Bördübed ... We swam in September as it is allowed, fish kept, listened to the silence of the nights, brought out the taste of Gokova.
Çıkışımızın the third day of the road back to the marina when we moor stern, had gone off with my mind. My eyes are still blue tones, greens of the trees are flying, my ears are ringing, the sound of silence. This timeless blue of the journey was the taste lingers. Zeki'yle vedalaşırken, "counting it," I said, "stars seyredemedim, yakamozlu seas did not feel like rowing ..." clever me aware zehirlediğinin. A mischievous smile, "Next year we get out on time," he replied.
(The trip's transportation partner, Mercedes-Benz AŞ'dir)


Sadun Boro old salt, "Vira Iron" at the British port of the precious book, he told me: "of the sonuna put up around the husband turned the big pine trees. When you connect to them on the branches of your boat örterdi.
High trees in the wind acted as a barrier like a curtain, there would be no need to throw almost iron ... "I saw a statue of a mermaid on the shore when approaching the jetty. The sculptor's statue Öktem'in Tankut, Sadun Boro, Campbell Pula and other "freaks of Gokova" placed here and below that wrote: "This daughter realize her dream, to gain access to the sea so huge a sea, crossed frontiers. Continents, islands and moved around. Until, that is until Gökova ... "
Hidden in the eyes of the sheep had stern dock. Yakalayamadığımız fish to fish the pier restaurant we ate. Further you went back to the boat to go to bed at night. I entered the sleeping bag, I reached for the back deck. Pitch-dark sky, I sewed my eyes but I could not see the stars. There was no long-drawn-out towards the sea yakamozlar. But the moonlight, that do not snap at night, I saw the black clouds, road shows.

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