bottles tell you that the dish is extremely healthy products

Pottery manufacturer, Osman CB, damacanalara recently as an alternative to plastic water sebillerine üretikleri increased interest, he said.
carboys dish healthy products
With the growing interest in natural products Plastic damacaların losses and Stoneware pottery damacanalara explaining the increased demand for CB, carboy bottle in the shape of the soil of their Avanos pottery damacanalara saving faucets that mount, said:

''We Avanoslu masters and operators of pottery, we produce a very healthy products Stoneware pottery bottles tell you that. Because what we are doing is completely natural products. We have now discussed the agenda of the country as an alternative to the plastic dish demijohns damacanalara want to serve the people of the country. We do a lot of demand for this product. Orders increased by 10 times the last 10 days. We came to leave the situation to begin manufacture of the cube to produce almost the casserole. The shopkeepers in the workplace, especially in Central Anatolia were using these products as a water dispenser. The latest news in almost every home the way into the carboy in a dish in the soil have increased our production. Currently, it only produces 4-master.''

Plastic bowl from the masters of Avanoslu''''

Avanos pottery in the soil temperature through sweating bottles of water put into the water by throwing out about soğuttuğunu CB,''This is like living organisms, such containers, then put into water through sweating in the heat of the shoot out. In this way they ensure that the cold water and one hundred percent because the bacteria produce a natural product,''he said.

Their pottery and bottles and plastics at peace with nature than those who had stopped for decorative and aesthetic CB, said:

Intensive''is a demand. In harmony with nature and the aesthetic as well. Kullanabiliniyor homes and work places as a decorative object. There are dozens of these types. Kulplusu there, there kulpsuzu, you want to have one size. Somehow we're doing it according to the need of production you need. We appeal to all people as masters of pottery Avanoslu in Turkey, 'If you return damage is where the profit returning. Soil water in your home that you will make at least something made of plastic damacanayla damacanaya water transfer and meet your needs from there '. Because when you look at where a carboy for a week, 10 days, the plastic bottle of water stands for 15 days. After all, this land at least 10 log damacanalarda Keep juices.''

Dish bottles of 5, 10, 15 and 20 liters were produced as

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