Turkey, after Bordeaux, the world's most important wine areas in the region

Wine in Hong Kong,''will be held on November 5-7 to the Future''conference tadıma, 50 countries, 1,000 professionals will attend the wine.
Jancis Robinson, Robert Parker, Angelo Gaja, Miguel Torres, Michel Rolland, Steven Spurrier, James suckling, Francis Ford Coppola, Gary Vaynerchuk Wine Future of the names among the speakers at the conference, Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson and by Pancho Campo, one each day to do a total of 3 large tasting.

7 November 2011, led by Jancis Robinson and Bordeaux's theme''Beyond''(Beyond Bordeaux), this tadımla, Turkey, France-Bordeaux out of the world's most important wine regions will be shown. Beyond Bordeaux tasting will take place between countries, Chile, Argentina, Italy (Piedmont), New Zealand, Italy (Tuscany), Australia, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, China, Austria, France, the United States and Turkey is located. Turkey, Kavaklıdere Öküzgözü 2008 product joins Prestige Wines. On the other hand, promotional work of Turkish wines, Turkish Wines Platform (Wines of Turkey-WOT) maintained by the.

Company's Managing Director Kavaklıdere Basman

Kavaklıdere Company Managing Director Ali Basman, Wine Futures Conference, a two-year conference, the world's most important wine was made and the authorities come together to express, to do the conference again this year in Hong Kong, he said. Made during the conference organized by Jancis Robinson would take place in Turkey that tadımda Basman,''the most beautiful as well, tadıma Turkey and Turkey's new wine be put in the wine country to be considered as. This is a proud for us. Turkey is now, it was spoken slowly,''he said.

Turkey, a slow progressing but also sees the return on the wrong track that expresses an understanding of olunmadığının Basman, said the important thing is not made the error during this period. Basman, pointed out that no mistake is made by all are made of, so it's more exciting, without becoming caught entering more risky jobs, profits, money, thinking, noting that advance the common ideal.

Basman, said:''One of us made the error, it will cost us all. This is a Turkish, Anatolian wine. Everyone is trying to do something, do something with everyone, bring synergy to make the same manner. In this tasting, the Turkish and Turkish winemaking grapes convict itself in the world kicks off slowly. Başlangıçtayız, are moving on the right track, oh let's be careful. Because, the beginning of a beautiful half-way should not disturb.''

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