ABTA Association of British Travel Agents, Travel Congress in the year 2012 will be in Antalya.

Commenting on the issue of Culture and Tourism Counselor Tolga Tuyluoğlu London, made ​​the decision of the congress in Antalya on October 5 in the city of Palma in Spain's Congress of ABTA are taken to be.
Tuyluoğlu, Antalya Convention and Visitors Bureau, co-operation and initiatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the observations in Antalya on July 1 to 6 in the ABTA'nın, decided to travel in Turkey for the second time that the congress said.

Previously, Turkey, ABTA Travel Congress in Istanbul in 1996, played host.
The number of British citizens visiting Turkey in 1996 was 433 758 thousand, 700 thousand to 2 million people in 2010, this number has reached record Tuyluoğlu, Turkey, Britain's most popular tourist destination, is among the top five, he added.

10 to 12 October 2012 in Antalya Belek Cornelia De Luxe Resort Hotel to the congress, consisting of representatives of tour operators, travel agencies and nearly 1,000 delegates and 50 journalists are expected to participate in national and sectoral members of the press.

5 thousand and 1300 is a member of ABTA which represents travel agency subsidiary, in 2009 further strengthened by merging with the Federation of Tour Operators. ABTA Travel Congress in 2012, Turkey, United Kingdom travel industry is seen as an important opportunity for the presentation.

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