When it is not known exactly where the Citadel of Ankara

Ankara Citadel, a fortress located in Ankara. What is not known exactly when the Romans, Byzantines, dominated by the castle was conquered by the Seljuks in 1073. Haçlılarca in 1101 came under the hegemony of the Seljuks seized the castle again in 1227. Repaired during the Seljuk period and additions to the castle in 1832 during the Ottoman period was renovated by Mohamed Ali Pasha's son Ibrahim Pasha.
Found in the structure of the castle sculptures, sarcophagi, column heads around the castle in the construction and repair materials are yararlanıldığını.

Roman-era ruins at the castle during the Byzantine period were also largely pulls attention. MS.668 II.Consantantinus Emperor 'at the Foreign castle was built by the Emperor Isaurili III.Leonise repairing interior walls of the fortress walls of the castle has increased. Then the Emperor Nikoporos 805'te, Emperor Bazileus 859'da restored the castle. 110m height of the castle. 'Is. Görümüne Ankara Castle is larger than the outside. In addition, the castle is also home to several festivals each year.

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