Established near a small village is a chronological exhibition in Gordion Museum

Gordion Museum, Ankara Polatli town. Gordian Yassıhöyük village. There is the King Midas tumulus at Gordion. But by taking the bones of King Midas was taken to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.
In 1963, due in Polatlı Yassıhöyük Established near a small village with a population of 500, known as. Today is a chronological exhibition in Gordion Museum, is represented with characteristic examples of each semester. Three showcases the works of the Early Bronze Age, which ended with King Midas, followed by the works of the Early Phrygian period is located. This works hand-made in the Early Iron Age pottery, iron equipment belonging to the Early Phrygian Period, equipment of textile production. New exhibition solonunda BC within a panoramic window Ruined layers dated to 700 BC, a typical structure. The new hall for the rest of BC 6 - Anno Domini 4. Greek ceramics imported century, Hellenistic and Roman Period material exhibited. Were found in Gordian in the last chapter, visitors are able to see examples of seals and coins.

In recent years, a significant increase in the number of visitors to Gordion Museum, has led to new arrangements being made. Among these, 180 m² of new warehouse building, 150 square meter addition to the exhibition hall, 30 square meters of laboratory and 35 m² of visual information, is 5000 square meters exhibition area of ​​the new open-air gallery of structures considered.

Excavated during the construction of a new use of the Phrygian furniture such as cedar, scented juniper, boxwood, pine, walnut and yew seedlings afforested with. Roman Mosaic and the Galatian Tomb transplanted to this new area can be considered as a part of the work done.

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