wall of the church was being attacked by snakes snaky four naked women sinful

Box office revenues after the stairs leading down to the left to leave the bus at 50 m. After going ahead by a bridge of the 20 m further up the stairs, scroll çıkılarak reached.
Cross plan, the barrel-vaulted, and the only abscissas. The chapel is located in the north wall of the graves of the monks. Four naked woman was being attacked by snakes in the west wall of the sinful church, this name was given because of the scene. The first woman was attacked by eight years of the crime of destruction of the inscription is not understood. The second woman to her child's chest emzirmediği snakes, the third woman's mouth for lying, and that does not obey the fourth woman to the ears ısırmaktadırlar listens.

Serpentine Church, 9 belongs to the end of the century.

The main venue is transversally rectangular, barrel-vaulted, the additional space in the south has a flat ceiling. The apse of a long wall on the left is carved in the church were left uncompleted. Input from the north. Respected saints of Cappadocia, on both sides of the church vault, there are depictions of.

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