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Site, the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, the order placed sixth in the list''Skolastika Hamamı''nı.
When the people of the ancient bath in Ephesus Skolastika web site that provides an insight into the daily lives of today's tourists who visited Ephesus is no longer fit on toilets are not in use,''ancient''said constitutes an image is quite unusual. 's list, first during the U.S. city of New York City in Bryant Park, and visitors of classical music, fresh flowers and offering companion services include public toilets.

England's capital London's Covent Garden and cleanliness in public toilets that stand out from the order settling the list, California, the most unusual hotels in San Luis Obispo'nun klozetleriyle Madonna Inn's toilet-shaped waterfall is in third place.

Toilets and other features are particularly in the list is as follows:

"Ranked # 4 in England Thornbury Castle,''hidden''toilet, Ranked # 5 in the French capital, Paris, Place de la Madeleine, built in Art Nouveau style public toilets, while the United States Kansas City 7 each year the festival also hosts a state of toilets in Elk Falls, Ranked # 8 in the Austrian capital Vienna Opera House is equipped with posters toilet, Ranked # 9 in Slovakia's capital Bratislava UFO Restaurant, overlooking the toilet, and 10 . while the product of modern art in Vienna, the Hundertwasser toilets. "

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