Information about the architectural works of the ruins of Ephesus

The Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, is the first temple built of marble foundations of the ancient world before Christ 7 goes back to centuries. Structure built by the Lydian king Croesus dedicated to the goddess Artemis, the Greek architect and designed by Chersiphron Pheidias, the most important sculptors, Polycleitus, Kresilas and adorned with bronze statues that were built by Phradmon. Size: 130 x 68 meters, and other frontline Artemis (Mother Goddess) temple was to the west, such as. The temple and the marketplace, but also used as a religious institution. Who want to immortalize the name of the Temple of Artemis, BC July 21 356'da Herostratus burned by a Greek named. Alexander the Great was born the same night. After the conquest of Anatolia by Alexander the Great had offered to help but was rejected for the reconstruction of the Temple of Artemis. Today was the temple only a few marble blocks.

Ephesus Celsus Library

One of the most beautiful structure of Roman times, the building and the library, and worked as a grave monument. MS106 governor Celsus died in Ephesus, the son of his father's library was built as a monument and grave. The sarcophagus is under the west wall of the library. Facade has been restored between 1970-1980. Rolls of books in the library, stored in niches in the walls.

Virgin Mary's House

St. Mary, the mother of Jesus Bülbüldağı'nda last years. John is a place of pilgrimage for kilisedir.Hıristiyanlar with geçirdiğine believed to have been visited, and some popes sides. Although it is believed to be dead here in the tomb of Mary, the Bülbüldağı'nda the tomb of Mary of the period, as described in the Bible and is believed to be Silifke'sinde selefkosunda today.

seven Sleepers

Byzantine era graves in this place which is brought into the church, fleeing the persecution of pagans by the time of Decius refuge on the slopes of Mount Fair, which is rumored seven Christian young men believed to be the cave. Within the boundaries of the cave in the world who claim to be their own resources according to most Christian city of 33 even though the city considered sacred by Christians Efes'tir. In Turkey, the most well known and visited the cave of the Seven Sleepers in the cave of the period and an important center of St. Paul's birthplace, Tarsus'takidir. Old name last Afsin Arab sources in the form of Efsus report prepared by the delegation of scientists and the local court in a case opened with the claim of discovery has increased. Seven Sleepers the other Lice'dedir Turkey.

On top of a church in Ephesus, the cave was unearthed in the excavation of a state between the years 1927-1928, 5 and 6 as a result of the excavation century were found in the tombs. Seven Uyurlar'a inscriptions and tombs as well as inside the church is dedicated.

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