Values ​​that reflect the local culture for the submission of Beypazari Mansions

Like every inch of the territory of very ancient civilizations of Anatolia Beypazari been the scene live. Although there is clear information that points to the first placement as a settlement based on the use of evidence showing that there are times immemorial. This supremacy was so different that passes through the territory of the accumulated Beypazari history bears the traces of different cultures. Evliya Celebi's Book of Travels deyinme Beypazarı historical significance could not pass, were fed with these differences.
Beypazari Aladdin Street
Which is an ancient settlement in the territory of Beypazari, respectively, the Hittite, Phrygian, Galatian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottomans are known to be dominant.

Beypazari during the Seljuk period, Ontario - has been an important trading center on the way to Baghdad. Beypazari, Orhan Bey's acquisition of Ankara Hüdavendigâr (London), the Ottoman administration was connected to the Sandzak.

Roman period, "Lagania" takes its name, this area became the center of a bishopric. "Rock Peak", which means the name is then prevailing in that period of Emperor Anastasius (AD 491 to 518) visit to the region "Lagania Anastasiapolis" was changed to. Istanbul, Ankara and Baghdad on the location of passageways connecting the high period lived in a commercial sense.
Examples Beypazari filigrees
The occurrence of the Turkmen tribes are sovereign homeland of Turks in Anatolia, most importantly Kayi Boyu'dur Beypazarı.Bu lengths. Seljuk Sultanate of them as the country has shown, the management of Gazi Gündüzalp first settled in the vicinity of Ankara. Founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Bey, the grandfather in the village of Gazi Gündüzalp'in Hırkatepe Beypazarı tomb.

"We do not know the first constructor. But, first conqueror of the Shah's vizier of Kutahya rulers Germiyanoglu Jacob Hezar'dır Dinar. Therefore, the city" Germiyan Hezar "or they say."

Any architectural work created by the mankind as well as Beypazari Mansions us to take a date style and way of life of local people leaking information about the concept of asylum. Usually two or three stories high, adorned with hosts during the functional and cultural details. These houses are stone ground floors, upper floors into the wood frame was built using wood or mud-filled system. Garden, small garden and a large variety of the show gardens. Bay windows, or more commonly "guşgana"-related structures can go in our face.

Beypazari Local Tastes
Which is a feature of the houses with gardens, and "cannot", also known as "guşgana", a small section at the top of the typical houses of Beypazari. Although construction of this section is actually a sense of an aborted deliberately structured that way. Beypazarılılar, and thinking about the possibility of enlarging the house as well as food for their families are stretched while being dried or preserved in such a structure also chose to take advantage of. Write Guşganalar hot, dry and winter when the winter needs the cold months, which he kept intact in this section. Tomorrow's the prudent Beypazarılı erzakını ready today, is a warm-blooded being made in the houses adjacent to each other reveals.
Doors of neighboring homes, windows, looks at each case guşganalar. This residential-style nest of social life, and points to the sincerity of the relationship. Sloping areas, the houses and gardens of the input is done directly from the street. Small garden houses the main entrance to the garden arranged in connection with street entry. Large garden at home before you reach home after a garden. The entrances of the houses, "life" at the so-called precious belongings fires, predators used in the iron door to protect the storage chambers are located. Located on the ground floor with windows opening out of the small trough in January and is usually taşlıkta.

This layer, which is the main living area with wooden staircase connects the upper floors the first few digits. Providing access between floors and stairs at the beginning of the so-called mamrak pulley covers parts are used as a warehouse. In the area around the gazebo called the sofa section contains areas such as kitchen and toilet. Some homes around the outward-looking sofa iwan, regulations such as building shape are also forms of mobility that create overhangs. Sofas large or illuminated by arched windows.

Beypazari homes in the local language, "let-up cabinet," the so-called horizontal and vertical service between departments and floors and cabinets that are returned. Roofs are usually made of squat brick home. Recently, the applicability of remedial and cheapness of easy-to-hand passing in mind there are roofs covered with sheet metal material. Garden walls of houses with gardens that street out to be quite high against the measure is emphasized.

Almost adjacent to the neighboring houses have gardens and a sense of trust between the people think. Developed in conjunction with the general architectural features of houses of Anatolia which opened its doors to pine hosts a friendly, warm people can browse experiences. Eye shaking, but also staying in the mansions of tasting local dishes offered in this yaşantıdan can play a few days.

Values ​​that reflect the local culture for the submission of a restaurant or guest house surrounded by some of Beypazari Konakları. More local food products are sold in small houses, shops or the field of handmade Beypazari gümüşçülerine space became of great importance.

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