The story of Ottoman palace diamond garbage spoonbill

86 carat diamond and a double row around the spoonbill is adorned with 49 diamonds and one diamond in the world, are among 22 known. Exhibited in the Topkapi Palace Museum.
Why the Topkapi museum's famous diamond "spoonbill's apple" is said to have about the various stories, of them what is right, the diamond is oval in section, and thus benzemesindendir spoon. A diamond in the Ottoman Palace of information about how to enter, not more than hearsay.

According to legend, a French officer named Pigot in 1774, France will take you buying this diamond in the Maharajah of India's Madaras. Up for sale again after a time of Napoleon's mother buys diamonds extracted from his chest and takes a long time. However, when Napoleon was sent into exile, in order to save her son, forced to auction off her mother's apple extracts. At that time, a man in France Tepedelenli Ali Pasha, the pasha diamond is paying on behalf of 150 thousand gold buys and makes the Pasha.

Sultan II. Mahmud II, Tepedelenli Ali Pasha, had rebelled against the state killed in the grounds, the Pasha of the Ottoman treasury assets will be confiscated and sent to hell there would not be hurt. Thus, Napoleon's mother purchased "Spoonbill Diamond" will be entered into the treasury.

According to another rumor circulating in the dump in 1699 in Istanbul Eğrikapı ragamuffin team is here that the name of a diamond. Spoonbill takes, this piece akçaya a jeweler sells 10. Jewelers stone shows one of his friends, was understood to be hush-money like a precious diamond. A fight breaks out between them. The issue is akseder Kuyumcubaşıya. Gets into the hands of stone with a sac kavgacıların Kuyumcubaşı fund. But this time the grand vizier, the event will hear Köprülüzade Fazil Ahmed Pasha, preparing to buy the stone for himself, the Sultan akseder issue. IV. Mehmet (Mehmet Orion) with a diamond in a Line Imperial Palace and the Palace elmastraşına is brought over from imperial military. Occurred in the 86-carat precious stone işlenince Eğrikapı dump out a diamond. Kuyumcubaşıya Kapıcıbaşılık tip a bag of rank shall be bestowed.

Encompasses two rows of 49 diamonds around the diamond spoonbill. This form of diamond, the stars shine bright in the middle of a full moon illuminates the sky looks like.

The mass of 1 cm 3 3.5 grams, or 17.5 karattır diamond. Spoonbill's apple size is 86/17.5 = 4.91 cm3.

Iran today is still among the Other of the famous diamonds in the Derya-yi Nur diamond (which is now the world's largest diamonds and 182 carats in size) and is now in the hands of the British royal family and the new sector is now becoming the world's largest diamond in Iran in ancient times, royal, who had lost his nickname The 105-carat diamond belonging to the family include the Kuh-i Nur.

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