sent to the kings of the world's award-winning fine Hereke carpet

Hereke rug on cotton yarn silk wool and silk are woven of two kinds. Wool rugs dm ² to in 3600 is located in loop. The quality is called 60x60. Silk carpets in the dm ² is the 10,000 loop. Called Quality 100x100. Although more common in carpets woven in Hereke carpets standards even if this is true.
Pile heights from 1.5 to 2.0 mm in the silk carpets, wool carpets are among the 4.0 to 5.0 mm. Often very detailed designs for the carpets woven in Hereke. Hereke carpets are registered as patents and geographical. Hereke carpets, Turkish knot (double knot, or Gordes knot is called) and Persian carpets woven by the (single-node or nodes to give) a lot more durable. Periods, including the first ever Iranian carpets woven in Hereke carpet patterns nakkaşlarının palace untouched with original designs brought to life. Unfortunately, the quality of wool used in the past, today is significantly lower than the quality of wool used in carpets.

This is because the wool is used in the past now completely cut off when the animal the wool used in the live animal wool, wool is also used to comply with paint quality and shearing seasons colors are more matte than older ones. But today, especially Sümerhalı'nın produced wool, mohair, finishing before painting with a special feature is mothproof. Paint is done later. This improves the quality and durability of the carpet. In addition, Isparta region, Sivas (Sivas prison Hereke carpet in the carpet) and Diyarbakir touches.

Special pile carpet factory in Isparta carpets woven in looms Sumerian This machines kırkılır appropriate height, washed, cleaned the back side of the flame lengths and more, and the market is classified according to their quality. Hereke carpet when you are on the back of the weft and warp wool fışkırmamış, kaymamış should be sure of the pattern. In addition, pile height affects the quality of the cut shape. This carpet's most established and who have had the classic pattern of "Flower of Seven Mountains" is. But the patterns are very nice, however, as there is burucie and polonaises. Hereke carpet Hereke carpets Iranian carpets Bidjar to compare this to the thousands of dollars, but if not be considered precedent. But the form of woven, carpet pattern and color variety and have a hard time on the explanation of each of Hereke carpets.

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