Rich Arabs will be a new route in Mersin

Previous periods, only the sea and the selective choice of hotel for tourists, is no longer just a holiday hotel and did not want to limit themselves to specifying a beautiful sandy beach, the tourists, they go where the social wealth, and wants to learn to recognize the historical and cultural places.
On the other hand, taking into account options for holiday shopping on track for tourists from Arab countries in the group of holidaymakers who spend the most money is being saved.

Tourism guides for shopping, tours increased today,''shopping turizmi''nden Mersin Mall managers also took action to get a share. 321-kilometer coastal strip, social, cultural values ​​and religious tourism in the Arab world, especially in recent years attracted the attention of Mersin, tours are organized for shopping is becoming a city. Shopping trips more efficient and often replicated across the city on behalf of all public institutions and organizations and representatives of private enterprise in public works that a majority of the Arabs,''''wealth indicator initiatives for cruise ships, Is action decision in favor of the city. Mall managers, on behalf of the rich Arabs in the city to spend more money began to carry out even the VIP tours.

Mall managers, Lebanon is currently the most tourists having come to Mersin, the Lebanese have made to spend more money than other tourists. Iraq, Iran and Syria in tourists coming to Mersin on the road doing the shopping herself where many notable tourist and business representatives, tourists in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq because of political turmoil rather than using the preferred way to sea, so you spend more during their journeys reported did not do.

'The best in Europe in Turkey'

The city increased the number of shopping centers (shopping mall) is very pleased with the operators acting in this situation. Forum Mersin Shopping and Lifestyle Center General Manager Adam Erol, especially in shopping mall culture in the Middle East market is not very common, pointing to both, so Turkey has been chosen AVM'lerin said.

Mersin, Turkey to the Arab world, Turkey is also a gateway to Europe are considered as describing the Erol, said:''countries that we visited tourists 'Do not go to Europe, because the best in Europe in Turkey' 'We use the expression. Turkey, the number one country in the Middle East. Now, people in France, than spend money in places like Italy, visiting the strangeness loitering draws, he feels like ülkesindeymiş countries spend the holiday.''

Forum Mersin AVM Erol stressed that over 2 million the number of visitors per month, said:''Mersin, Tarsus, and use a good potential for their positions, Arab tourists spend their money in Europe but in our country. Already for the moment almost 30 percent of our visitors is close to the Arabs. Our goal is to not only increase the number of tourists. We want our country to host the Middle East, the rich tourists. A delegation of 32 people in recent days came in and shopping for about 3 hours per person spent an average of 4 thousand 200 dollars, the money returned to their countries. Future periods will continue to host these convoys.''

Private plane tours, cruise ships and thousands of people who expressed ağırlayacaklarını Mersin, Erol,''with the arrival of cruise ships in Egypt and Syria purchased an very important decisions. This project is planned to start at the end of April, he was suspended because of political upheavals regions. Now we started to meet again, Mersin Cruise ships berthing in a very short time. Flights to major tourist companies in the negotiations with the Arab countries continues. When we realize these projects,''he said in Mersin in Turkey may be the capital of shopping tourism.

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