Paris Hilton to introduce collection of shoes in Istanbul

"The Hilton is in Istanbul to promote Paris Hilton Footwear Collection, W Hotel, a press conference, that attract attention in the fashion industry for many years, to prepare designs for his beloved collection of shoes that offer no diyemediğini Divarese'den said.
The secret of his success as business women genetically evaluating Hilton, grand father was also a successful businessman, he has reached success through hard work, he said.
Hilton, the coming days out of fashion for real estate, television show and like the album artwork to show itself told a very different areas. Very excited about the Hilton who noted that sales in Turkey, according to the rates in Europe, said that Turkey has a very good place.

Paris Hilton, where the 8th time in Turkey, its people and loves the architecture of said,''much like the style of Turkish women. Giyiniyorlar really nice and elegant,''he said.
Yüzüyken career in television products bearing his name a billion-dollar level, transportation to work hard bound voicing Hilton, the first television show of the imaginary, in fact, carried out the work said to be able to femaleness.

Paris Hilton Shoe Koleksiyonu''nun Turkey distributorship sold in the''Chairman of the Board undertakes VesDeri Moris Doenyas were established from the day the world's most loved and followed the distribution of their brands to bring to this country said they aimed to achieve. Doenyas,''brought to our country constantly adding new brands. Paris Hilton is a brand of style, in recent years become the world's most popular shoe brand to bring the collection, distribution, and are proud of the excitement of undertaking. 2 seasons, the distributor and we believe our long-standing Paris Hilton brand,''he said.

Production and international distribution of the collection is undertaken in the United States, Joe Antebi Antebi Footwear Group CEO for the first time in the United States in 2008 launched the''Paris Hilton Shoe Koleksiyonu''nun 5 thousand stores in 22 countries, the availability of its recalling the moment,''Our goal is to , fashionable products that lead the country put on the market and is one of the leading countries regarding Turkey on this issue''he said.

Turkish women, Paris Hilton shoes vazgeçemeyeceğini defending Antebi, said they aimed to cooperate with this country for many years. Accompanied by intense media interest in the speeches, introducing the Hilton's shoes, and engaging manner, he noted.

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