12 thousand years before the date of the works that incorporate Gobeklitepe

Prof. Gobeklitepe Excavations. Dr. Klaus Schmidt, said in a statement,''the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary Listesi''ne Göbeklitepe'nin taken a while ago they said that very sevindirdiğini.
Schmidt described the list as a development to be taken very quickly, the work of teams linked to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said.
UNESCO World Heritage Listesi''ne''Göbeklitepe'nin to enter all the necessary features and protection is in place the measures taken on the status of Professor voicing. Dr. Schmidt, said:

Filled the criteria that do not have any doubt that''Göbeklitepe'nin UNESCO. In terms of protection for all protected structure, an up hill now. This is a very good condition and emsalsizliği direction, ie in terms of another example of the lack of filling so that the most important criterion. Göbeklitepe'nin into the main list as soon as possible will take place, no doubt about it at all. This is a list of candidates is a difficult procedure to pass the main list. Multi-stage process that requires, at this stage will have to work hard and we will help a lot of experts on this issue. For example, our aid is now the World Monuments Foundation.''

Entry into the main list for the city would provide the biggest gains Göbeklitepe'nin voicing Schmidt,''especially for the region, Sanliurfa, this will be a great gain. Because the 'World Heritage', thus the name, the most important monuments in the world will be compared, and today will reach far more of a publicity and recognitions, as well as attract more people here,''he said.


Gobeklitepe Neolithic settlement, 18 kilometers north-east of Sanliurfa, near the village's Örencik.
For the first time in 1963, universities in Istanbul and Chicago officials discovered during surveys Göbeklitepe'deki excavation work, Sanliurfa Museum since 1995 and jointly conducting the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin.
The excavation work so far to Neolithic period''T''shaped stones, with figures of wild animals, 8-30 meters in diameter, circular and rectangular-shaped ruins of the world's oldest temple, the figure of a large number of wild animals, human statue, standing stones and about 12 thousand years as belonging to a length of 65 centimeters was found in historical works, such as human statues.
Gobeklitepe stated that''the world's oldest temple, the central'',''a period of time before the UNESCO World Heritage Site had been Listesi''ne temporary.

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