Regarded as a work of Mimar Sinan's Suleymaniye Mosque, the transfer of a journeyman

Suleymaniye Mosque is one of the most important examples of classical Ottoman architecture. The construction of more than a hundred earthquakes take place in Istanbul to this day, although the walls of the mosque there is no crack in the slightest. 53 m. The dome of the mosque built on four pillars in height and 27.5 m in diameter. This is the main canopy, the Haghia Sophia, as evidenced by the two half-domes are supported. Drum of the dome has 32 windows. There are four corner of the courtyard of a mosque minaret. This is adjacent to the mosque minarets with three balconies and two of 76 m. height, the mosque's courtyard, where the northern corner of the entrance façade of the wall in the corner of soncemaat other two balconies and two minarets is 56 m high.
Mosque, built in accordance with the air flow in the clean up job of edilmiştir.Yani mosque lamp, an oil-lamps of the tasks have to create an air flow that provides a single point, the collection has been built. Room on the main entrance door of the mosque, the works were collected and the ink used in the construction works.
Supported the main support pillars and domes

Portico surrounded the mosque's courtyard, a fountain in the middle of 28 are rectangular in shape. In the southern side of the mosque where the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Hurrem a ready available. The dome of the tomb of Suleyman the stars to give the image of armed sky, from the inside, metallic plates located between the diamonds (diamonds) are decorated.

To decorate the mosque has a simple structure. Wall of the mihrab is decorated with stained glass windows. Windows on either side of the mihrab, tile medallions in the Surah al-Fatah, the main dome of the mosque is located in the middle of writing the Qur'an. Calligrapher Hasan Çelebi mosque.
There are four minarets of the Suleymaniye Mosque. This is because the fourth sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in Istanbul after the conquest, the tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire, this is an indication that the four minaredeki on şerefininde.

Fatih complex of the Suleymaniye mosque complex in the second largest after the Ottoman complexes külliyesidir. Peninsula in the complex are the Golden Horn in Istanbul, Marmara, Topkapi Palace and was built on the highest hill in the middle of the Bosphorus. Mosques, madrassas, hospital, Darülhadis, fountain, darülkurra, DARUZZIYAFE, hospices, baths, guest rooms on the library, and shops in the outer courtyard of the tomb of Sinan the Architect of the kulliye humble in the face of the walls of the small building. Smokers Market, which surrounds the two madrasas, on the back on the road are two small houses.

"Tiryakiler Market square, bearing the name of a long thin horizontal one-story front-madrasahs, each with a window, the inner chambers of the dome alatında charitable establishment, settled for less in an ascetic attitude of the facade, the architect of Sultan Külliyesi'ndeki madrasa layout reminds decorative wall windows and dome arrays,"

Anakubbenin belt, the belt by Sinan kübra, (power belt) has been called. The courtyard platform, the Golden Horn side of the road yüksektedir.

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