The Grand Bazaar is one of the world's largest and oldest covered bazaars

Bazaar foundation was laid in 1461. Measured as a maze of giant, 30,700 square meter up to 66 streets, 4,000 shops in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul's must-see, a unique center. It was like a city-like, the whole covered by this site developed and grown over time. Recently in the mosque up to 5, 1 school, 7 fountains, 10 wells, 1 river, 1 fountain, 1 was a fountain, 21 doors, 17 had inn. Was built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. 15. century AD, the thick-walled, dome-roofed with a series of old building around the next two centuries, the tops covered with growing street, made ​​adds has become a shopping center. In the past this place where every street, and their professions, in particular, handicraft manufacturing (manifaktür) bulundurulduğu under strict supervision, a marketplace of commercial morality and practice ethics was very respected. All kinds of precious fabrics, jewelry, weapons, antique shop, specializing in families for generations, offered for sale in complete confidence. Bazaar at the end of the last century, destroyed by fire a few large earthquakes and the like before onarılmışsa, altered properties of the past.
All the shops were built to be the same width. Every street in case there were separate guilds, the masters of the product (quilt, slippers, etc..) Competition between vendors is strictly forbidden. Even a veteran, the shop counter at the front of the crowd by showing off the product işleyemezdi. Konulamazdı determines the high price of the products of the state.

Trust in the people's money accumulated in the past, artisans, and operate as a bank issuing them would cause. Today, many shops on the street has undergone a change function. Quilt, slippers, professional groups, such as fesçiler remained only as the name of the street. Listed on the streets of the bazaar's main street shops, mostly jewelry, here are the drop-down a side street altincilar. Bargain sales of these shops are relatively small and do different price. Covered in color and attraction, although the former also hums with activity, from the 1970s tourist groups visiting Istanbul for the shopping opportunities, a modern and large organizations is provided by the main entrance to the bazaar. A smaller extent on the Golden Horn to the Egyptian Bazaar is a covered market. 15th district of Galata century, from the other a small covered market still continues to be used.
The Grand Bazaar and crowded at all hours of the day. Artisans, Visitors to the insistent calls his own shop. Developing a comfortable entrance to the bazaar, from large stores in Turkey and exports of manufactured goods in almost all of which are for sale. The most beautiful examples of traditional Turkish art of hand-made carpets and jewelry. They are sold with certificates of origin and quality and is done all over the world sending guaranteed. Work alongside the famous Turkish carpets and jewelry made ​​of silver pieces, copper, bronze souvenirs and decorative items, pottery, onyx, and leather products, superior quality, a rich collection of memories of Turkey oluştururlar.Batılı writers, travel writing and memoirs, the Grand Bazaar and divided the wide space. To be honored with the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul's paradise.

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