Watch the space as the Strait of Istanbul Galata Tower Golden Horn and Istanbul panorama

Galata Tower, Istanbul's Galata district, which is one of the most important symbols of the city and a tower was built in 528. Tower of the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and Istanbul, in the panorama can be monitored. Coordinates: 41 ° 1'32 "N, 28 ° 58'27" E
Galata Tower is one of the world's oldest towers, Byzantine Emperor Anastasius as the Tower of Light was built in 528 by. in 1204 4 The tower was destroyed by large-scale crusade and, later in 1348 "Tower of Christ" by the name of the Genoese Galata using stone masonry walls in addition to the re-made. In 1348 the city's largest building has been re-done.

Galata tower was increased between the years 1445-1446. After passing into the hands of the Turks in almost every century tower has been renovated and repaired. 16. Christian prisoners of war was used as a shelter run Kasimpasa century shipyards. Sultan III. Müsaadesiyle Murat, an observatory was established here by the astrologer Takiyüddin, but the observatory was closed in 1579.
17. The first half of the fourth century. Murat period Hezarfen Ahmed Chalabi, the Okmeydanı protect its flight drills after the winds, the board commissioned in 1638 by attaching the back of the wings of an eagle flew from the Galata Tower, Uskudar-Doğancılar'a. This flight to Europe, met with great interest, showing the engravings were made in Britain this flight.
Since 1717 the tower was used as a fire observation tower. Fire, were given notice to be stolen from a drum major for the population hears. III. A large portion of the tower was burned in the fire which Selim. In 1831, another fire damaged the tower repaired and repaired again. Cone toppled in a storm in 1875. The present appearance of the tower was completed in 1967, was started in 1965 has been the last repair.

Floor, roof height of 69.90 meters to the tip. Wall thickness 3,75 m, 8,95 m internal diameter, the outer diameter of 16.45 meters. The static weight of about 10,000 tons, according to calculations, the thick body of rubble taşındandır unprocessed.

Many skulls and bones were found in the pits at the bottom of the depth of the channel. Middle the space was used as a dungeon basement. Events have been recorded on the tower, some committed suicide. In 1876, an Austrian, took down the guards dalgınlığından taking advantage of the tower itself. On June 6, 1973 aged 15, son of the famous poet, Umit Yasar Oğuzcan'ın Valerie committed suicide by jumping from the tower. Oğuzcan wrote a poem on it at the Galata Tower. However, on the Galata Tower, the long poem written in 2009 by Aydin Meric, Sone publications published in 2011.

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