described in the various rumors about, which is the subject of legends girl tower

Maiden's Tower, described in the various rumors about, which is the subject of legends, close to the Marmara Sea at the Strait of Istanbul, was built on a small islet located off Salacak structure.
Tower, which has become a symbol of Üsküdar, Üsküdar is the only one remaining Byzantine era. BC 24 years with a history dating back to the tower, was built on a small island at the junction with the Black Sea of ​​Marmara. Some European historians here say, the Tower of Leander. There are many rumors about the tower. Evliya Çelebi, the tower has described as follows:

Land in the sea, an arrow's throw away from the four corners, a high tower has been artistically. Full height of 80 (eighty), Arsine. Surface mesehası two hundred steps. Where there are gates on both sides.

Today in the bottom floor of the tower foundations and structure of the transfer of important parts of the Conqueror. Around the tower, covered with a large landing. Medallion at the top of a marble plaque in the form of the tower, that the shape of the present Sultan. Mahmut, calligrapher, Rasim out of the pen of a monogram, dated 1832. Eminonu side of the tower is more widely where there is a cistern.
First, the Greek period, which houses a tomb with the additional building constructed during the Byzantine period the island was used as a customs station. Show platform during the Ottoman period, the fortress of defense, shoot station, a multi-function installed in the quarantine room. The principal duty of the people and by the presence of the centuries, the ships at night with twinkling lantern guiding function of dreams in the lead up to the future shows no kaybetmemiştir.Geçmişten Maiden's Tower. Maiden's Tower was restored in 2000, now transformed into a place cutlery voices heard. Girl tower transportation are boats Salacak and Ortaköy.

Girl with a history of a very ancient history of the Tower, once the ships are used for the purpose of obtaining tax. Tower along with the European Side Asian Side with a large chain pulled and the Maiden Tower from the passage of vessels (vessel size is smaller at that time geçebilmekteydi) are permitted. After a while, Tower, and the European side chain taşıyamamış right has been destroyed. Looking into the water from the tower are the ruins.

Antiquity, Arkla (small castle) and Damialis (Beef cattle) with the names of the said tower, an intermediate in the "Tour de Leandros" (Leandros tower) is famous with the name. Maiden's Tower is now integrated with the name and the name referred to.

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