Twin Minaret Madrasa in Erzurum, a historical building in

Double Minaret Madrasah was built by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad.Catching daughter Hundi Hatun, a historic building which is located in Erzurum. Anatolia's largest example of an open courtyard of madrasas.
At the front, form a very fountain of the portal with the semi-circular niches, there are two props. Cylindrical minarets rising on either side of the portal is decorated with bricks and tiles moazaik. You should delete the portal into the thick panels with floral designs in the dragon, hayatağacı, eagle motifs of the most spectacular part of the facade. Complete tree of life motifs and an eagle in the east, rather than a coat of arms, Central Asia, dating back to the power and the immortality of the Turkish belief is considered voiced. On the ground floor of nineteen, eighteen rooms on the first floor there is. The courtyard is 26x10 m. dimensions of the four directions, and is surrounded with porches, entrance west of the square is understood that the space was once used as a mosque. Sitting on the porches of the thick columns of the ground floor. Most of the columns, cylindrical, four of them has an octagonal body. Barrel-vaulted rooms.

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