Historical center reveals insight into Turkish cinema, theater history

The Türker Inanoğlu Foundation (TÜRVAK) Cinema-Theater Museum, set up in 2000 with the 60-year aggregation of veteran chief Türker Inanoğlu, reveals insight into more than 100 years of Turkish silver screen and theater.

 insight into Turkish cinema, theater history
The movement facilitator of the gallery in Istanbul's Beyoğlu area, Ilke Yılmaz, said the historical center in the Erler Film building was Turkey's unparalleled silver screen exhibition hall.

"At the point when Inanoğlu first said he would build up a historical center in 2000, numerous silver screen and theater craftsmen gave things from their own chronicle to the gallery. So Inanoğlu set up the theater area a year later keeping in mind the end goal to show appreciation," Yılmaz said.
insight into Turkish cinema, theater history
Noteworthy names from Turkish silver screen including Necdet Mahfi Ayral, Selçuk Uraz, Handan Uran Ertuğrul, Fatma Andaç and Deniz Uyguner gave their chronicle on the foundation of the exhibition hall, while Kadri Yurdatap additionally made extraordinary commitments to the historical center. Notices were likewise gathered from different sell-offs, while cameras, film projection instruments and different things from the Fono Film and Lale Film organizations additionally had their spot in the historical center.

"We will likely demonstrate the youthful eras all impressions of Turkish silver screen since 1914, when it initially showed up," said Yılmaz.

She noticed that the Sohban Koloğlu Sculpture Hall in the exhibition hall was the most mainstream segment for guests.

"We have honey bee wax models of on-screen characters like Adile Naşit, Kemal Sunal, Cilalı Ibo and Sadri Alışık, also executives including Atıf Yılmaz and Osman Seden. They draw most enthusiasm from kids. College understudies, particularly from correspondences resources, likewise come to visit us, as they are keen on recording instruments, altering seats and amplifiers," Yılmaz said.
insight into Turkish cinema, theater history
The camera used to shoot the primary sound film in Turkish silver screen, coordinated by Muhsin Ertuğrul, "Istanbul Sokakları" (The Streets of Istanbul) is likewise in plain view at the historical center.

"There is additionally a camera utilized by Charlie Chaplin to make three movies, and we have a submerged camera in the Halit Refiğ Hall. Film projection machines working with coal are among other critical protests in the gallery," Yılmaz said.

Tarık Akan design

The historical center sorted out a commemoration display after the passing of mainstream Turkish performer Taruk Akan a year ago.

"Stone worker Bülent Işcan made a full-measure figure of Akan. His whole cinematographic file, film notices and 11 movies were incorporated into the gallery document. We have his movies scenes, the file of "Ses" magazine where he showed up on the cover, and in addition delineations from his movies. We additionally have all segments composed on Akan, articles and reports we gathered after his demise. These are the things we as of late added to the historical center's chronicle," Yılmaz said. "As an exhibition hall we discharged an index titled "Turkish Cinema in 5,555 Posters," and now it has been extended as "Turkish Cinema in 7,777 Posters." It has turned into a source on every single Turkish film for scientists. We additionally have a magazine named 'Cintele,'" she said.

The TÜRVAK Cinema-Theater Museum can be gone to in Istanbul consistently aside from Monday between 10 a.m. what's more, 6 p.m.

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