Palandöken ski enjoyment of tourists, those who ski and snowboard tracks

Especially in Poland, Ukraine and Russia tourists from the 25th WU under the renewed infrastructure, and many Palandöken, attention is concentrated on the new facility opened.

Recent rain snow depth reached 90 centimeters closer to one hundred percent occupancy rates Palandöken hotels. Taking advantage of sunny weather today, domestic and foreign tourists, snowboarding and skiing, sledding time spent scrolling.

Dedeman Dedeman Ski Ski Logde and General Manager Nuri Avşarer Resord hotels of the past with the falling snow has reached the desired level by specifying the thickness of snow on the tracks, some tracks up to 1.5 m thickness of snow, he said.

Avşarer,'' Pistlerimiz open and conducive to skiing. 100 percent of the booked period, especially the first week of the semester. So far, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Poland and Turkey welcomed guests,'' he said.

Tourists from Poland, Russia and Ukraine, as well as emphasizing the intense interest in Avşarer,'' Poland's new future guests. Semester break, especially the Iranian guests will be weighted. All ski lovers look forward to Palandöken,'' he said.cumhuriyet

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