The Arabs are coming to Istanbul beard Transplantation

Transplantation beard and mustache continuous increase in the number of tourists, especially from the Middle East who came to Istanbul and this situation is emphasized that it has made an important city in terms of health tourism.

The report of the views given in a doctor's Tulunay working in the field of cosmetics, beard and mustache cultivation is most popular in the past two years, the last 60 months, 10 to 15 percent of patients consists of the applicants for the cultivation of the beard and mustache said.

Doctor Tulunay a significant portion of these patients came from the Middle East countries transfers.

The doctor found the following comment on the subject: "Both Turkey and the Arab countries, beard, and the absence of linked social problems can lead to erkeksilikle. English has a word about it: Kose. And this is not perceived as a good thing. Businessmen come to me for the cultivation of beard and mustache beard because it is not commercial partners say they have not received them seriously. "

Speaking at the Guardian cosmetic surgeon Ali Mezdağı 75 percent of its customers, or the Gulf countries, Arab countries, he says.

Prepare special tour packages for the cultivation of hair and beard in tourism Irfan Atik, every day, 50 Arab tourists coming to Istanbul for sowing says.

Agile, more customers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq that its customers want to improve, especially in European countries and the United Kingdom in order to expand the market targeted.

The report also referring to the popularity of Turkish TV series in Arab countries, customers are also doctors who came to Istanbul and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu Kivanc Tatlitug request for such cultivation is estimated that the beard.

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