tourism Tour Hebdo magazine, the latest issue of 12 pages devoted to Izmir EXPO 2020 candidate

Tour Hebdo magazine published in France in tourism, which is the last in the number of candidates to Izmir EXPO 2020, taking place 12 pages.
In a written statement to the Executive Board for EXPO 2020 Izmir, Izmir'' The article titled'' Pearl of the Aegean, Aegean history, culture, museums, as well as in Foca, Karaburun, Cesme, Urla, Seferihisar, Selcuk, Kusadasi and Tire districts when introducing, Izmir Clock Tower, a large number of various parts of the city especially in the given picture is specified.

Number of practical information is given to those who want to go to Izmir, sports, different activities, natural life park, shopping malls, art, gastronomy, thermal and extensive knowledge in the fields of health care is given in the statement said.

In a statement, Turkey's Paris Embassy Cultural and Information Counsellor at the heart of the published article describing Noyan Izmir recorded. cumhuriyet

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