Eco-village project, village women into empty homes pension

The project started in July, with 10 women and women after they are trained in cooking, empty houses in the village of 10 tourists from home accommodation in the village was converted into the pension.

Tourists staying in houses in the village, eat meals while staying here in the scenic village, shaking diameter of the field, dealing with affairs of the village daily to collect eggs, chickens, and stress away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Guests per night as well as day and weekend visitors who come to breakfast served to groups coming to the village, leaving the village, jam and syrup made from fruits grown in the village women are buying.

Offered to guests in village life

So far, 60 families accommodated in high demand and the upcoming Feast of Sacrifice those who want to holiday in the village, 55 pounds per person for a one night stay, breakfast in the morning you can do.

Project Coordinator Nermin Ketçi, ecological and healthy life as village women come together to establish a village, said that at first priorities is to produce a natural and healthy foods.

Ketçi, then the emergence of the idea of ​​accommodation and can accommodate up to 10 people from the city at the weekend home prepared explaining the village life in the city to offer the guests said they were trying to build a life and have missed.

Tomato and cucumber roots by digging branch with guests from the village they collected food and eggs that children flock, voicing Ketçi, this quiet mountain village of 250 people-digit water-skiing, golf, and horseback riding is getting a chance reported.

'' Weight'' Circassian cuisine

Ketçi of the village, very suitable for ecological agriculture, stressing that'' the coming days will begin to ecological agriculture. Our products are well do it ourselves. Village where everything is completely laid table product. Meals are products of the village. Circassian dishes mainly,'' he said.

Indicating that many houses in the village konaklanabilecek 10 Ketçi,'' We have come a long way now. So much in demand, people are really longing remained a habitat. There are currently 35 bed capacity to accommodate the family. Room, breakfast is 55 pounds. People eat what it wants to do. Its price is 25 pounds. If the Circassian games after dinner with music, too. Making grilled corn, roasted coffee making. Longing for the things that people are doing. From the rest, there are those who want to make sport activities. Or forwarding them. Ladies, you want to take a breath,'' he said.

Examples put forward by restoring all the villages they want to implement in this way emphasizes Ketçi,'' all work for it. I replicated the villages, the income gap between town and village AZAL, not rural-urban migration, is provided for job opportunities for young people in the village, the village products win a little more value, drug-free agriculture, whether it be cancer-free life,'' he said want to get a healthy life.

Away from the anchor into the field'' here''

Village Headman Irfan basic sewing course opened in the village after the end of the village women entrepreneurs taking advantage of ecological agriculture began to make jams and pickles, with regard to their support for these women by telling himself, then decided to open to the hostel said that empty homes in the village.

Empty house in the village is close to 50, and is currently preparing to board as expressed in 10 of them are basic,'' the keys were given to women. If the remains from homes, who want to make breakfast is breakfast, spend the night in geceliyor who, incidentally jam, syrup, noodles, taking tarhanasını'' he said.

Basic, highlighting the scope of the project that the women's first culinary training, to assist guests with their own product, asks for bread, will begin a course of organic agriculture said.

Who came to the village that their products would provide ekmesini completed the basic course, the anchor of'' here will take the field, the other planted facing arrival, breakfast, tomato, pepper might tear itself,'' he said.

Basic in July, began to apply the scope of the project so far, 60 families in the village konakladığını said,'' often remain at the weekend to come, there is a day coming, there are groups. Now where groups preparing breakfast, breakfast will be arranged for groups larger. Those who eat every meal is done, the women give dinner here. This village is the village of Circassian Circassian arrivals are also dishes, country air live here,'' he said.

Women in the village are now becoming more active in voicing Foundation, said he believes that in the future be brought to the village contribute greatly to the economy. cumhuriyet

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