And natural beauty, famous in the district of Artvin Borcka Karagöl, waiting for the visitors four seasons

One of the hidden paradise of the Eastern Black Sea region and the closing of the way of a stream of landslide at the beginning of the 1800s, the county 27 kilometers away, next to the spectacular beauty of the surrounding nature lovers attracts the attention of a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Last year, about 30 thousand people visited the Karagöl, giving guests a distinctive beauty in every season.

Borcka Governor Fatih Kızıltoprak, hosted by specifying the range of colors Karagöl is a place of natural wonders, nature, spring, awakening refreshed to see peace in the depths of winter, with the taste of warm, autumn leaves falling trees, to watch the dance of his separation from the summer heat of the scorching air of refreshing Karagöl everyone who wants to take into Karagöl invited to see.

Karagöl believed to be the magic of a different voicing of each semester Kızıltoprak, said:

'' Karagöl located within the 368-hectare area, turned into a Nature Park in 2002 by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in terms of eco-tourism has become even more attractive. Support the development of our county as District Governor and more powerful to be able to demo both the local and national media Borcka Macahel-Karagölü Discover Gotta have tried to implement the Project. Project studies and promotional activities have increased the number of tourists coming to our town.''
Approach is about 25 kilometers away from the town center 3 kilometers from the portion of the path Karagöl last year, laying paving stones of the road the natural resources of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency have increased the comfort of the record Kızıltoprak,'' without disturbing the balance of nature and the integrity of the work we do on behalf of the transportation requirements to better serve nature lovers kırdığımızı effect, albeit a bit I think,'' he said.

Frequented by photography enthusiasts
Karagöl Istanbul from amateur photographers, photographs before they see the beauty of Karagöl said, to see and to photograph the beauty of the region come alive, he said.

Ismail Yavuz Istanbul is a public institution working in resort areas throughout the country each year, expressing the permission of this year, the Eastern Black Sea preferred, he said.

Watching television and newspapers before explaining that the beauty of Karagöl Yavuz,'' Karagöl natural beauty captivated me. This is really an amazing place. I've seen every shade of green, foggy weather adds to the beauty of the lake, different. We had 4 seasons in one day. Increased comfort of the road provides access to the lake. Everything is very natural. I just do not have accommodation facilities. If appropriate wooden bungalow type houses or hotels in the region almost done here,'' he said captivates visitors. habertürk

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