shining star of the growing medical tourism in turkey

"Medical Tourism: An evaluation of Istanbul" according to the report, the scope of medical tourism from abroad to Turkey in 2008, 74 thousand, 94 thousand in 2009, came to 110 thousand people in 2010.

Istanbul with the support of the Ministry of Development Economists Platform Development Agency and prepared by the report, particularly in the field of health tourism and medical tourism is signed by important developments in the last 20 years is seen as the most successful countries, India, Malaysia, Thailand and began to compete with countries such as Hungary, said .

Turkey within the scope of medical tourism in 2008, 74 thousand, 94 thousand in 2009, where in 2010, the information in the report that 110 thousand people, the number of tourists coming to Turkey for aesthetic operations were said to have increased in recent years.

Medical tourism, especially in the field of plastic surgery predicted the current report will continue to create demand, Turkey in 2015 to serve one million foreign patients by private and public medical invested approximately $ 8 billion will reside said.habertürk

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