Actor Brad Pitt, Turks spectacular array of guest appearances will include sections of the new century

News 'insider' leaked. So construction company. But directly, not indirectly. Hear my mouth was wide open, I could not believe.

Actor Brad Pitt, great sections of the new century would take place as guest players!
Production for this, Tim's production company started contacts, details on the konuşuluyormuş. Pitt, Suleiman the Magnificent in the fight for a major war going to be the commander of the enemy army.

Wow, wow, wow! Fısıldananı my ear to hear, that's exactly how I said. Just wrapped the phone, I called TİM'S'in boss, Prosecutor Timur. "Do you really talks to the series, with Brad Pitt?" deyince hesitated, surprised ... Where this information has also seemed to have familiarized myself with the most astonishing.
Just to confirm that the prosecutor Timur got from my 'intelligence' did not deny. His exact words: "In fact, Brad Pitt demeyelim.Çok alone great and are about to sign an international project. Will be a move internationally. Because it not only in our country but abroad also attracts considerable interest in Our series. It launched recently with a large getting ready to promote. project is ripe to share with you, do not worry ... "

Withdrew PIN BOMB
Lobbying efforts in the summer we always hear about the football market transfers alışkınızdır bomb.
This time, the next biggest transfer news, such as an array. Prosecutor Timur speeches as I understand it will not come without a fire. Magnificent Century, obviously the new season is getting ready to explode a large bomb. This bomb is Brad Pitt, or any other Hollywood celebrities orasını do not know. But I bring the voice of the middle.

(Yuksel Aytuğ / sabah)

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