Cappadocia, covering an area of ​​785 thousand square meters 'hidden city' found

Important tourism centers of Turkey which is famous for its fairy chimneys and underground cities, and an annual average of 2.5 million in local and foreign tourists visited Cappadocia, Derinkuyu, as well as ruins, cream, flavors and Ozkonak underground cities are among the popular places of tourists.

Keşfedilirken new places every day in the region 'Nevsehir Castle and Environs Urban Transformation Project' in the context of trials, thought to be linked together under the fortress of Nevsehir and covering an area of ​​approximately 785 thousand square meters was a new underground city.

Mayor Hasan Unver Nevsehir, Nevsehir Castle and around the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKI), and a serious work carried out since 2006 in cooperation with the municipality and the citizens living in this region carry TOKI said housing by 2600.

Demonstrated that the destruction of houses around the castle tells a thousand Unver, it has a very large part of the area under the 785 thousand square meters and 110 meters elevation in an underground city that notice stated that this area had been identified.

Found seven kilometers long tunnel

Unver, identified by expression of the region is one of the world's largest underground cities,'' which begins with the application of the castle there are 110 meters elevation. Sığarsa how much times 110 meters, it so far, we could not identify exactly. According to the 7 kilometers from the town of Castle Nevsehir also have detected a tunnel. Waterway in the region determined that 30 pieces of the Ottoman archives,'' he said.

'Were in a good work'

As a partial cleaning of rough places in the underground city, stating that they Unver, said:'' Nevsehir Directorate for Cultural Heritage Conservation District Board, was registered by a large part. Structures are established and registered a team was coordinated by our Governor. He will restore the buildings; future. Significant historical places of Turkey and the underground cities of this place is one of the world I believe it will offer. Now in addition to the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia in the latest restoration of the complex to the Vizier Ibrahim Pasha Mosque Complex. Here you will be a serious historical and cultural concept. This also think it would be beneficial for Nevsehir. The underground cities in general is going up early Hittite period. The history of the castle is based on the Seljuks. Underground city of at least five thousand years of history of Nevsehir ötelediği sure. Currently, archaeologists have been working on this issue. Both the Turkish tourism, Turkish cultural life as well as a good will gift to the world are at the beginning of the work. Our country, our nation has already wished promising. In the coming days of history, culture, country and the province of Nevsehir studies in pregnant women.''

'I look forward to the former as a journalist'

How many in the underground city is very different, but they could not tell that the entries describing the Unver,'' In general, underground cities from one place to another is entered and exits. So far, we have detected up to 20 input and output. We do not know how much more there because the area is too large. The region is gaining an interesting identity. As a former journalist, I also look forward to. Sometimes I look at the event with a journalist reflex, very excited. I look forward to conclude the studies. The presence of both the country and the world to give such an eminent Nevsehir Directorate of Cultural Heritage Conservation District Board, solid foundation, municipality, deputies are living completely hand in hand with this excitement. Are moving very carefully,'' he said do not rush.cumhuriyet

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