Forest and scrub-covered except for a few small settlements Inceburun a true paradise of nature

Sinop, Black Sea, extending into the forest and maquis Inceburun covered except a few small settlements, a true natural paradise.

Dark Hamsaros approximately 7 kilometers long peninsula is reminiscent of Norway, discover the magical world. So that is a virgin area, researchers are looking at, the north eastern part of the peninsula from the Mediterranean flora, ice age, the most intense region of Turkey. One of the surprises in the region where the trails are great for cyclists and hikers Akliman extraordinary landscape, and the other Inceburun Lighthouse. Akliman'da an appeal to nature lovers is a camping area. ( Lighthouse Inceburun Turkey's northernmost point, is frequented by herds of dolphins during the day leave from the bay. Can reach and touch your hand to a distance of nearly approaching the shore. Çilesiz keeper of the lighthouse family of five generations. Currently working, who was born here Çilesiz'de Erol (47). His wife, cattle and dogs living a life isolated from the world. Buffet is served to newcomers. Lantern, carved cliffs surrounded by hard winds. One of the sea around the corpse, and others, Her Çilesiz have three graves. Çilesiz His family lived in the desert in the nose ever so many interesting events. "Memories would you write the novel," they say.hürriyet

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