3DLocationEarth.com, will leave on vacation offers a great convenience for

Add to Google Earth three-dimensional building 3DLocationEarth.com specialist, offers a great convenience for vacation are going to appear.

Thanks to the application that is completely free, local and foreign tourists stay in hotels in the region able to navigate through Google Earth in 3D. Many of the millions of tourists a year currently hosts more than 300 hotels in Istanbul and the tourist paradise, the Mediterranean coasts, the sea, where the position location, arrival and departure routes of social facilities, rooms, features important historical and cultural monuments around it until the real site, and all the details on the map 3D models are displayed on Google Earth as close to reality. Those who plan holidays, hotels, this is a virtual tour of dozens of applications from wherever they come out with, they would go to setting hotel reservation immediately what they think are currently able to vacation region.

It is a perfect guide to the Turkish initiative, and the title of the world's only three-dimensional sector 3DLocationEarth.com serving the tourism paradise Antalya and the Mediterranean coast, as well as major hotels every year, millions of tourists visit Istanbul's Sirkeci and the Blue Zones moved to Google Earth. Through the application of the plan can be used as a completely free holiday makers, 3-dimensional hotels in these regions in detail on Google Earth map can be around the actual site.

Do you really beachfront hotel?

Application, three-dimensional modeled to show the actual location of hotels on Google Earth map for tourists, particularly concerns about the distances to the sea it is terminating the facility. Holidaymakers, the area hotels at the same time on the map, offering system, tourist resort town to the center position, airport and bus station arrival and departure routes, room decoration, lobby, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, cafe, bar and restaurantlarını, sports and play areas and near the important points as if it shows him as a 3-dimensional like you're there. In addition, users of the application, "Walking Mode" like walking inside the hotel can actually walk through.
3DLocationEarth.com 'tourist hotels of three-dimensional modellediği can visit the site to see or check out Google Earth.habertürk

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