Rixos Hotels Rixos hotel Pera in Istanbul, opened its doors to the second!

The last nine months, including Turkey and Dubai Rixos Hotels 4 plant inaugurated in the second hotel opened its doors in Istanbul.

Rixos is positioned with a view of the historical peninsula and the Golden Horn Pera in Istanbul, with a capacity of 116 luxurious rooms
Rixos Hotels Rixos chain Pera in Istanbul, Istanbul, opened its doors to the second ring. The last nine months, Antalya, Istanbul and Dubai, inaugurated the fourth hotel Rixos Hotels opens new hotel rooms, 116 luxury coverage reached 100 percent in the first day.

In Istanbul, the number of tourists and revenue to be one of the fastest growing cities in the Rixos Hotels Chairman Fettah Tamince attention, "When we look at increases in revenue per room in Europe, the most impressive growth over the last year in Turkey, Romania, Poland and Ireland recorded . Showing the best performance in revenue growth with 28.6 percent of the city of Venice was the first in Istanbul, Turkey ranks second with 26.7, third with 15 percent of Florence, Paris was fourth with 14.3 percent. This is a lot of success in attracting international hotel brand to Istanbul. Born in Istanbul, Turkey as an international brand which is one of the most special districts took our place in Pera. We started to live again the most exclusive building in the region, "he said.
116-room luxury hotel
Opened in 1876 and known as one of the oldest hotels in Istanbul, 21 suites and 116 luxury room resort consists of 3 blocks. Culture and history of Istanbul since Byzantine to the fore at the hotel is situated in Pera, Pera ranging from 50 to 80 square meters and has rooms with views of the Golden Horn. The hotel is a very famous local and international interior design bears the signature of the brand. 8 pieces of marble columns in the lobby, was imported from Italy in one piece. Mirrors are manufactured exclusively by the Lumiere company brass, gold leaf and antique bronzlardan occurs. If all of the hand-made tiles in the baths.habertürk

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