Deer Canyon, view the unique waterfall, vegetation and trails in recent years attracted the attention of nature lovers

Muğla "Confidential nature paradise" located described as the borders of the Ula village 20 kilometers of the town of Deer Canyon Beekeepers, a unique view waterfalls, vegetation and trails in recent years attracted the attention of nature lovers.

Deer Canyon, visitors began to come in these days of the tourism season begins. Aydin Aydin from Deer Canyon Nature Sports Walking Group for daily trips, Deer Canyon, toured the canyon into three groups according to the degree of difficulty. Akin in the group, bearded, in groups, nature excursions organized sports is on the region, said: "Deer Canyon, a kanyondu which attract our attention as a group. We do not use a guide trips. Do preliminary research before leaving and then grouped according to degree of difficulty of the trail. Deer with a group of 48 people participated in our tour of the canyon. 10:40 The first track deer canyon tour began at and ended up like all the tracks 15. Due to the 20-kilometer course spent a day together with nature. Deer Canyon in the coming years will come again, "he said.
Walking Nature Sports Group, the next village of Aydin Karabörtlen routes also indicating a negative impact on the local and foreign tourists, bearded, "maintenance of these roads need to be. Rain water will adversely affect the transport and heavy goods vehicles, "he said.
Deer Canyon trip made Aydin Nature Sports Group, about 2 kilometers of walking trails Zeynep Gorur, 3-kilometer trail leader Hasan Akgun and slave, the 9-kilometer route guidance Akin has a beard.
Deer Canyon

Nature lovers and those with an interest in mountaineering by a hidden paradise known as the Deer Canyon, Ula district of Muğla is a real holiday paradise hidden near the village of Beekeepers. Not want to get stereotyped as a holiday resort holiday only for those looking for an alternative holiday destination is a one to one. Deer Canyon is adorned with large and small waterfalls and steep canyons and caves in recent years, visitors who flocked to familiar with photography. Deer Canyon is the name given for deer crossing.
While you are walking through the canyon about 20 km in length, being intertwined with nature away from city life, peace of mind is caught. Arıcıllar village is known as the starting point of the canyon. The villagers living from beekeeping, while the region in terms of tourism arrivals to host such a mission undertaken to promote and situations. The village, goat milk, assorted honey, butter, curd, olives and barbecue in their own productions on hand after a breakfast with tea brewed samovar starts canyoning. Depth of the canyon, 600-650 meters tall.habertürk

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