adrenaline and the holiday paradise of the Mediterranean Water Planet Deluxe Hotel has been renewed

With the largest water park in Alanya district of Antalya in the Mediterranean region, and the catapult atlayışlarının bung jump occurs and Aquapark Hotel Water Planet Deluxe, opened its doors to the new face of the summer season.

Director General of Water Planet Aquapark Deluxe and Sami Okan Noble, brought into a center of renovated hotel owner said that the style and concept.
Okurcalar town of Alanya opened in 2000 as a water park Water Planet, 321-bed holiday village in 2002 by the addition of 5 stars turned into a giant plant. This thoroughly revised the design of the pre-season resort started to welcome customers 24 hours a day experiencing life.
Domestic and foreign tourists preferred the giant entertainment complex, the extraordinary pool with 12 'water paradise' is known as. Roof of the hotel is surrounded by sea on three sides, giving the feeling of uzanıyormuş up to the horizon, is entered into the 'infinity pool' is. Due to the architecture gives the impression of a never-ending infinity pool leisure pool offers a different atmosphere for a rest. Mystery from Istanbul to Alanya for holiday Alper Yalpay Balaban, the infinity pool while sipping cocktails, enjoyed the views of the bay. Enabling us to take the elevator to get down to the beach below the level of hotel. The resort's three-story private sand brought from the Far East were used in the artificial beach.


Slope can be fun slides and an artificial whitewater rafting and swimming pool complex includes 27 slides. 50th anniversary of 62 acres of land with 300 meters length of the artificial waves in the water park that has the three-eyed excitement of rafting in a special wave pool, a calm and relax those who want to spend time with mini golf, children's animation pool is decorated with special toys.

Adrenalin addicts

At the same time a special area where bung jump and catapult atlayışlarının yapıyor.Tesiste host of adrenalin addicts, 75-meter jump is made to jump from the tower bung. 'Catapult' ropes connecting the wheel at 130 kilometers per second, 85 meters high from the adrenaline kicks the fans. During the day, the time spent by the pool and beach holidaymakers, fun live show at night, animation and show teams.habertürk

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