The number of tourists coming to Safranbolu, a UNESCO World Heritage List

Governor Karabuk İzzettin small, located in Safranbolu, a UNESCO World Heritage List said they aimed to increase the number of tourists to 1 million.
Governor Karabuk İzzettin Small, Safranbolu Upon receipt of the World Heritage List in 1994 began to draw tourists to quickly recalled. In the garden, mostly three-story, 6-8 bedroom, large volumes, designed to suit human needs, tailored to the aesthetic as well as large mansions, which drew the attention of other tangible and intangible heritage district, around 600 thousand tourists a year who expressed ağırladıklarını small, said:'' Our district goal is the annual number of tourists have a million stickers. AA launching a variety of languages​​, one of the world's first 5 news agency, enter the target presentation is very important for our county. İlçemizle beautiful and special news will be released on one side of the world languages, published in that country. This is a demonstration of our yaptıramayacağımız spending the big bucks. ''

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