Guardian: Arab tourists ready to Istanbul restaurants

The Guardian newspaper, the restaurants in Istanbul, which has become the most hatırlı customers for the service arms of the Arabs, he wrote sıvadığını.
According to a report in the newspaper, more and more restaurant menus click to translate into Arabic, Arabic music venues began to give more space.

Erkan Ali Khan speaks Talimhane'deki Cafe manager of the newspaper in September, more friendly, appealing to Arab tourists in their own language, created an informal atmosphere, they say they feel more comfortable.

However, sometimes the Turkish customers 'Cause everything is here in Arabic,' he says would react.

English as a interim solution started to play music, but says that it is dominated by Arab music in the evenings again.

The newspaper, the effect of the Arab countries in the past year, often spoken in Turkey, but Turkish tourism sector that dominates the background, adds that the effect of the Arabs. However, Turkey last year, 3 million Arab tourists entertained.

In Beyoglu restaurant's owner Haji Abdullah Abdullah Korun, two-thirds of customers coming from Arab countries, the increase began two years ago, when specifying, interpreting it as a benefit of the government's foreign poltikasının.

Business owners to Europeans than Arabs pleased to have an open hand.

According to figures announced by the Turkish tourism industrialists, an average of two thousand euro per person with Arab tourists, western tourists spend almost four times.

AVM'lerin that went along with the changes in the Guardian, among pazaralama strategies, the Arab world comes from the days of the signature sequences for the players who gained attention.

An orgy of Arab tourists in Turkey, up to more than 1 million people of Arab origin living in the southeastern regions important for the news. Arabic is increasing demand for tourism centers and restaurants.

All Restaurants, Restaurants and Suppliers Association (TURES) meat bearing the name of the restaurant's manager of Ramadan, President and Bingol, specifying had found forty percent of the increase, the majority of tourists, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, he says.

According to Bingöl in Turkey and the Arabs, including the cultural, culinary tastes, many point to share their travels are comfortable.

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