Uludag some of the accommodation facilities in hotels and public institutions, all were filled.

Southern Marmara Tourist Hotels Association (GÜMTOB) Chairman Haluk Beceren,''hotels in Uludag bölgesi''nin, I. and II. including development, divided into two regions, there were 22 hotels, mechanical facilities and other public service noted that some of the accommodation facilities.
Beceren, accommodation, facilities, reservations and customer acceptance for a while because there were intense and active days by expressing,''New Year and all hotels were filled. Both domestically and abroad, was a high demand for Christmas and semester breaks,''he said.
As of today, especially in Russia and Middle East countries that are doing a large number of tourists to the hotels entrance Beceren, Uludag said activity will continue.

Christmas snow is coming

In the meantime, according to information given by the authorities of Uludag Meteorological Station,''a period of time ago 95 centimeters find hotels bölgesi''nde snow thickness, the non-rainy days, then decreased up to 82 centimeters. Runways is extremely convenient for skiing in Uludag specified, the day after Christmas and the new snowfall was reported as expected.

On the other hand, Uludag for a variety of programs in the package holidaymakers from the track, skiing and snowboarding or motorcycle ride through the snow, enjoy the snow.

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