The streets of Mersin, which is decorated with 70 tons of citrus fruits

Mersin local citrus fruits Citrus Festival, aims to promote national and international field.
Promoting the consumption of citrus fruits from the beginning of the nutrients essential for a healthy life, high capacity to draw attention to the point of Mersin's citrus production in the region on behalf of national and international level to increase awareness of the 2nd Citrus Festival is set to become the beautiful scenery of Mersin activities.

Mersin, which is decorated with 70 tons of citrus dance groups from all over the streets of the world to host demonstrations of counting days. Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, Makdonya, Serbia, Guinea, Sierrra Leone, India, Georgia, Ukrayba, Niherya groups such as the countries participating in the festival to exhibit the national dance festival performances, brings together the leading names in the world of politics and business.

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