Number of 10 thousand 12 thousand plant species grow in the continent of Europe in Turkey

3 plant flora of Turkey consists of aromatic plants, 84 kinds of medicinal and aromatic plants from the 107 drugs and pharmaceutical raw material is produced with 419.
Officials of the Department of Forestry, and 3 with different climatic zones of the region at the junction with florastik Turkey, noted that a lot of plant species richness.
Many plant species have been cultured with the wild ancestors of domesticated animal species, many authorities who state that there are naturally in Turkey, the European continent grows the number of 10 thousand 12 thousand plant species grown in Turkey and in 3 of them a thousand the number of plant species that grow only in our country, he said .

Forestry officials noted that the secondary products with a wide variety of application areas, some of them, bay, thyme, sage, chestnut, pine, rose hips, such as locust bean can be used directly as food, bulundurdukları pointed to the use of essential oils in a variety of industries.

Both the cosmetics industry, both in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries that make up an important source of raw materials, secondary forest products, emphasizing the importance and the value is not known enough by the public authorities, secondary forest and the forest products to be given due attention will achieve significant revenue, but also to the supply of raw materials, dependence on domestic market reported that the entry into foreign currency will be provided.

Plant species and their fruits of this so-called secondary products, especially cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, paint and chemical industries in the broad areas of use with many stating that the authorities, so the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the areas of use in many sectors of the importance of natural and biological resources 27.2 percent of Turkey is increasing steadily kaydetti.Orman organization 'and give direction to an institution that manages to give the authorities pointed out that, as the organization grows in forests, fields and the production of these products have engaged in order to increase the amount stated.
The importance of secondary forest products because these products, indicating that the authorities were seen as the future of the people in the world, said an increasing interest in non-timber forest products.

Biological diversity of plants in Turkey with about 10 thousand, a thousand of the plant, is used for medical purposes among the people about the officials, although many products are still değerlendiremediğimiz forests, laurel, thyme, sage and pine nut production is much improved, he said.

Turkey, which mark shows that these products are among the top three in the world, officials said is intended to be the world champion.

Plant flora of Turkey 3, saying it is one of the officials in the aromatic plants, 84 kinds of medicinal and aromatic plants from the 107 drugs and pharmaceutical raw material is produced with 419, he added.

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