British singer and songwriter Alicia Gold'u a chance to hear in Istanbul

TomTom's attractions, which has become the entertainment center of Istanbul, Indigo, 09 December Saturday's Day with a gorgeous voice, "Alice Gold" takes the stage.
By Mika Group, which has become a center of attraction in Istanbul in 2009 after the implementation of Tomtom, different from each other, understanding each entertainment venues that appeal to customers continues to offer different entertainment concepts.

Indigo, a new one until now adds his unique projects. British singer and songwriter Alicia Gold'u Istanbul brings the chance to listen to your door. Made by Alice Gold's 22 short days, "Seven Rainbows" album in July 2011 attracted interest from all over the world out of the markets. This album was recorded together with Dan Carey, the pop and psychedelic rock and roll music, making music, but also says he was inspired by a lot. Who had taken the club scene around the world, "Alice Gold" 09 Indigo scene on Saturday, December waiting for all music lovers.

Watch this amazing performance, for an unforgettable entertainment experience for you on Saturday, December 9, Indigo scene is waiting for you.

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