Medusa's head stone is that ministers are her reason for substituting the opposite.

I. To provide water to the palaces in the vicinity Justinian (527-565) were made during the reign. The cistern, 143 meters long and 65 meters wide and covers an area of ​​9800 square meters in total. Its 336 units are 12 rows of 28 columns, column headers are usually styles of Ion and Corinth. Topics in the Doric style are also found, however, few were left undecorated. The cistern, 4 feet thick, baked-brick wall and surrounded by a waterproofing plastered specifically for the purpose.
According to the seasons changing in time the water level in the cistern, out of the water through pipes at different levels are on the east wall. The tracks left by the water levels, can be seen in columns. Cistern water requirement, 19 km from the city. Belgrad Forest to the north of the emperor Justinian (Justinian) was met by the aqueduct was built.

In 1984, major repairs made ​​during the cleaning of the floor, more than 1 meter below the mud cleared, the original brick floor and 2-column blocks of marble Medusa heads were uncovered. Have been able to walk around the cistern was built by road. Cistern, concerts and various cultural events are held from time to time
The northwest corner of the cistern under the two-column head of Medusa as a rule used in the two examples of the art of sculpture at the age of Rome. 4. century were brought here by taking the structure of these heads, which although not a precise knowledge of young people of an ancient Roman cistern in the construction-only column base structure and removed the need for getirldiği here used to be generally accepted opinion among researchers. (According to another opinion one side of one of the heads of Medusa as a polytheistic religion, the monotheistic religion that has given the inverted during the transition period as it is possible to evaluate a type expression).

One reason for substituting him saying in reverse according to the head of Medusa is that the ministers of stone. Another Arab army, according to a statement to Istanbul, Justinian I heard came out of this cistern made ​​quickly ordered. In this case, the city of the Arab army at the siege before the cistern cistern rather than trying to make a swift completion of the Byzantines was important for the interior decoration. Therefore, the flat stones used as column bases, or constructed value, rather than the aesthetic value of the use of inverted or flat in the building to be constructed as soon as possible, to carry those important to complete.

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