Trabzon hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year of natural beauty and historical assets

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ismail Sharpless, Trabzon's history and nature tourism, marine tourism is also very significant progress made then, he said. The giant cruise ships moored in the port of Trabzon with the city's historic and natural places in the city representing the lives of thousands of tourists ulaştırdığını Sharpless,''scheduled to tour this year, Trabzon, 14 cruise ship tourism. 3 tourists came to ship this month. Hosted 14 ships by the end of October, we will be 20 thousand tourists walked her through the city,''he said.
Explaining that the ships are usually tourists, American and European origin, Sharpless,''This turistlerimiz mostly concentrated in cultural tourism. Indeed, they go to the city's cultural and historical texture, very meaningful exchanges have done a significant amount of viewing and tourists leaving the exchange. Tourists who come to our city by sea, historic town of Macka Sumela Monastery, St. Sophia Museum, Ortahisar sightseeing tours inside the city's position and compliment,''he said.

Due to the increase in interest in the city every day, who expressed that they are very satisfied with the bloodless,''It appears that Trabzon in the coming years will increasingly higher levels of this potential further,''he said. Promotional activities for tourists from the ships about the Bloodless gerçekleştirdiklerini, said:''incoming tourists brochures in English, Trabzon, distribute promotional booklets and other formation material. Our goal, once they came to Trabzon, were happy, the happiness of their emissions by around with the information booklet and a subsequent rally, a different number, different than with people come to Trabzon.''

Why prefer to Trabzon?

Sharpless also noted that tourists from time to time chat,''when we asked why they preferred especially gratifying Trabzon get answers. Is an important port city of Trabzon, a nearly 5 thousand year history of the world cultural heritage of the past history there, and it remained significant and beautifully preserved and restored many important works have been specified. They carried with them a desire to see them, very important parts of the world civilization in Trabzon, they had found footprints belonging to tell,''he said. Sharpless, Istanbul, Antalya, Kusadasi, Marmaris, such as cruise tourism centers in Turkey and then added that an important point.

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