The God of Wine, Dionysus lands inhabited Şarköy

Vineyards in the Marmara region were affected by drought this summer, Tekirdag. Şarköy center of viticulture fell by almost half the harvest, the increase of prices was laughing faces.
Vintage, the enthusiasm of past years continues. Wine grape producers in the region to protect their factories outside the city decided to sell the product. Mürefte wine grape plants shakes up again late in the night. The grape harvest at the end of week tour organized by enterprises in the area of ​​high interest. There are even coming from the USA Mürefte.

The God of Wine, Dionysus lived topraklardayız .. Dionysus, excitement, joy of living, known as the god of wine ... The grape harvest is being asked from it. Ancient history efsanenelerine Sarkoy-Mürefte line which is the subject of Tekirdağ eylülle ties with the appearance has changed. Şarköy high hills, vineyards, under the golden color of the leaves took on sunburn. Two weeks in the region is experiencing a flurry of sweet. The grape harvest began. This enthusiasm will last until the third week of October.


These days, the first lights of the sun shield families indicated times, tractors, riding pırpırlarına amount of bonds ways. Vintage, sometimes accompanied by children, Şarköy famous wine-growers working Doluca Hill creates a fund. Salkımlarını grapes are carefully cut, baskets filled vineyards, their hours of rest, some fig tree, taking shelter in the shade of some apple trees, a snack dance. High hills donkeys, mules carried the grapes on his back, tractors loaded. The basket of grapes, grape wine factory bağcıya gives each its own. Road tractors filled plastic baskets wine shops and factories a few miles from the future. The wine business in more than Şarköy Mürefte town roads, streets, smells grape juice during grape harvest. The association of this wine will make sure you smell. Factories and shops lined up in front of sepetlerdeki grapes, is poured into the cylinder coil. Stalks of the grapes left squeezed grape juice to wine grapes, which became the journey began.


Mürefte'deki Şarköy and wine factories, large and small facilities in the vintage this year is opening rounds. Melen Şarapçılık'ın Funda Cetintas owners' Week held at the end of October to the middle of tours going on. Average of 100 people attending every round. Grape collect, facility, kavlarımızı show. Have contacts with a wine tasting. Those who are abroad. Recent arrivals from the U.S., "he says.
This year, Fox TV, published a series of Poison Ivy Türker Orhan Guler Sabanci, and his uncle has increased the interest in the region of the withdrawal of Gülor Wine Factory. Gülor often organizes special guests for tours vintage. Vintage touring the facilities in the region, which extends the Doluca moved Çerkezköy. Search for this reason, gave tours.
To bear witness to the journey of the grape for wine tour may Şarköy outside, Sarkoy, Hoşköy'deki Mürefte and local wine factories with a lot of large and small shops can testify to his journey to visit the wine grapes. In the past years how to make wine, a wine museum in the day you can see Mürefte'deki primitive tools.
For a different holiday concept, Sarkoy, Mürefte, Mursallı, Güzelköy, Hoşköy, may be accompanied by bağbozumlarına Uçmakdere'ye come, there can participate in the enthusiasm. Mobility in the remaining period of Greek wine stores, smell the aroma of the queue, you will not find anywhere that will take you to another world.
The God of Wine Dionysos and the immortal elixir enjoy living in this land, it is well gelmişim say, will return with pleasure to your home ... Flying a few bottles Sarkoy Mürefte to remember the steps to take, such as the wine I'm sure.
Ahmed and I recommend a visit every way in the studio Şarköy Mediha Şarlan'ın. Şarlak pair, oak cask manufacturing continues Şarköy forgotten. Demirköy completely hand-labor of oak barrels, which produces a volume of 2 liter to 500 liters. Fıçılarına until the wine industry, wine tours also are showing interest in attending.


Sarkoy Travel, Istanbul Kadıköy Şarköy Bus Station and regular flies. (Tel: 0212 658 17 66 / 0216 336 37 36) Melen Winery, vintage Güzelköy'de Hoşköy and organizing tours. (0532 485 91 91) 528 71 0282 Aker Şarapçılık'ın Mürefte'deki than 51 plants and about the museum, you can get information from 61 to 91 0212 252 for Kayra Wine Factory.

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